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Topic subjectHi, Lucy I'm home
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28805, Hi, Lucy I'm home
Posted by guest, Thu Aug-05-99 02:52 PM
what is the deal? this is the one and only THE GOD<BR>FATHER OF NOYZE...... I've just completed my promotional tour with MCA records called the summer heat tour 99. I would like to say the it was an experience of a life time. Promoting the MAKE THE MUSIC 2000 ALBUM to every retailer, distributor, radio personalities and personel.... in other words I've been working like a slave for the pass two weeks. no per diems, no money, no food, no family, everything but the MAY FLOWER, so at the present time the rahzel relief foundation is now in effect. Any donation will be appreciated and advise is welcomed. To all the okplayers please go and support my album, this is a life and death situation. Let's move on to less depressing issues. COMING THIS FALL ON EA SPORTS THE OFFICIAL VIDEO OF THE NEW MILLENIUM "NBA LIVE 2000" THAT'S RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!! RAHZEL HAS ENTERED THE WORLD OF VIDEO GAMES. WHAT'S NEXT???????????? STAY TUNED ANGIEEEEEEEEE WILL KEEP YOU POSTED. PEACE AND LOVE <P>PS If I did my own section, what would you want to see on it?