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Topic subjectya'll played the classics, thanks!!!!!!!!
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28794, ya'll played the classics, thanks!!!!!!!!
Posted by guest, Sat Aug-21-99 06:06 PM
what up heads<BR>this is luke skywalkka, i just witnessed a dope ass concert in columbus, oh. i must tell you though i thought the concert i saw in cincinatti a few months ago was better, number one because my favorite emcee common was there, and number two i guess because it was the first time i actually saw yall in concert(with the exception of smokin grooves like two years ago), but back to the subject, i think there were some things i liked better second time around. number one would be the selection of songs this time, because last time you only played stuff from the new album, and i must say that "do you want more" was definately my fav. But i must give you mad props cause this time you played the classics, with the exception of "organix", things like silent treatment(by the way 'riq I was the one who asked for "silent treatment" not that you'll remember but anyways). anyways i thought the selection of songs was hella dope this time around, with the exception of the abscence of common, cause you know he just tops a Roots show off with his poetic presence!!!!!!!!!!!!<BR>thanks, <BR>luke sky