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Topic subjectQuestlove in Pepsi commercial!
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28791, Questlove in Pepsi commercial!
Posted by guest, Tue Aug-31-99 07:35 PM
tell me you have seen this! the man on the drums with the big fro'. how hillarious is that! hey Quest, i think Pepsi owes you some royalty money for that one.<BR>i'm just buggin out.<P><P>peas<P><BR>iNDUCE<P><BR>"he settles, nestles down in ponderance..."<BR>----the unknoen element----
28792, sorry
Posted by guest, Tue Aug-31-99 07:40 PM
I hate to sound like an asshole, but THIS IS THE MILLIONTH TIME THAT SHIT HAS BEEN BROUGHT UP!!!!!<P>There was a post about that back in the early stages of the site back in APRIL.....<P>NO IT IS NOT ?UEST<P>YES IT IS A BIG BLACK GUY WITH AN AFRO<P>YES THAT PEPSI GIRL IS ANNOYING AS FUCK<P>ONCE AGAIN,<BR>NO IT IS NNNNNOOOOOTTTTT ?UESTLOVE<P>SORRY FOR HAVING IT COME OUT LIKE THIS...<P>(((krutch)))(((1999)))<P>"Eek ahk ook ahk ahk" - Pharcyde
28793, wait hold up!
Posted by guest, Tue Aug-31-99 07:44 PM
that girl is cool reminds me of myself and all my alter egos!! <img src="http://www.okayplayer.com/dcforum/Images/happy.gif"> and PLEASE STOP ASKIN IF THATS ?UEST!!!!!!!!!!! he dosnt even look like him!! <P>FAMOUS QUOTES FROM MY UNFAMOUS FRIENDS<P>"Erika lay off the fuckin caffine ur already 4 foot nuthin and bouncin off walls!!!!!!"-- Aaron