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Topic subjectmy jointz!
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28730, my jointz!
Posted by KD, Fri Sep-10-99 11:38 AM
i remain calm- <P>malik- "i write a anthem/throw a tantrum and remain handsome"<P>tariq- "i asked him if he ever danced in the dark with the rap devil black thought"<P><BR>do you want more?- when rahzel starts scratchin' up the words, "do you want more---en--encore" at the end and then the beat drops back in...still a classic!<P><BR>respond/react- tariq- "i'm just a lyrist/the chemist of the hemp/the beat pimp/the ill-philly resident" (and so on and so on)<P><BR>the 'notic- erykah's background vocals throughout the joint and when the music culminates and the end<P>"damn her lips had me addicted to her presence/front page material on essence"<P><BR>the next movement (live)- "FREEZE-STAND STILL/NOBODY MOVE UNLESS YOUR DEALING WITH THE NEXT MOVEMENT" when quest smacks the shit of the drums, kamal's klangin', hub's pluckin the bass, and tariq comes back in with "you're theatrical as a broadway play, this ain't rent"...(head-nodder)<P>love of my life- common - "besides god and family, you're my life's jewel...like that y'all--that y'all--that y'all"...and then the music that follows (spine-tinglin')<P>y'all know who- tariq's last verse "step into the spot the venue is empty/five minutes later the crowd's in a frenzy/packed up to the maximum occupancy/give the mic, i got a jones like quincy"<P>(say no more)<P>i could go on and on like erica, but i gotta go, i gotta go, i gotta go...peace y'all!!!<P><P><BR>