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28729, shizam!
Posted by twistyroad, Thu Sep-09-99 04:42 PM
I know of a couple off the top of my head. Okay...<P>On "Clones", when Dice Raw first starts spittin'...he just brings energy to the mic and gets my hype..<P>"The Next Movement" from the Legendary CD... when Black Thought says "How many people feeling this love music, MAKE SOME NOISE!" and the crowd goes wild...<P>Fuck it, both live cuts from The Legendary get me hyped...<P><BR>The very beginning of "You Ain't Fly"....<P>The drums at the beginning of "Silent Treatment"..<P>The beginning of Proceed Pt 2 w/Roy Ayers ...Black Thought says "I can make you dance , I can make you shout..."<P>I'll cut the list here...<P>"A rich man is one with knowledge, happiness and his health"--Common<P>"Hatred is the enemy of the hater"--Na'im Akbar<P><BR>"The most important thing in life is your piece of mind"--Dalaniaamon