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28725, Slammin' topic...
Posted by BurbKnight, Wed Sep-08-99 06:02 AM
Here is mine:<P>"Panic"- Rahzel and that bassline<P>"Episode"- Jazzy's vocals, especially the acapella part.<P>"Push Up Ya Lighter"- The rhodes and Bahamadia's entrance and exit (when the last part of her voice echoes).<P>"What They Do"- The end of the song instrumental. Love the lead and bass guitar.<P>"UNIverse At War"- The beginning when Common and Black Thought say "UNIverse.....at WAR..... WHEN UNIverse... at war mutha f---a.... we about to do this Chi-town style here we go (verse at war... verse war)."<P>"No Alibi"- The vocals by Fatin and Tracey. Whenever I here the humming, I have to hum along with it. And that "ONE...TWO... ONE TWO" by Black Thought caliborated with the keys.<P>"No Great Protender"- Rahzel with the vocal trumpet....Lovely!!!!!! The vocal "aaaaaaah" by Jazzy's.<P>"The Hypnotic"- I feel ?uest when he said that flute is banging. That flute is real nice. It reminds me of when I was a little kid and my parents would take me to the park to feed the ducks. It's just peaceful like that. Peace to D'angelo for that organ and those vocals at the end. I always nod my head to that part.<P>"Ital (The Universal Side)"- Keys and drums colaborate so lovely!!! <P>"One Shine"- That whole joint is lovely.... The Roots need a jazz album FOR REAL!!!!! That would definitely be bangin'!!!!!<P>-------------------------------------------------<BR>"Table Of Contents- Part 1"- Keys are lovely!!!<P>"Table Of Contents- Part 2"- Again Keys are lovely!!!!<P>"The Next Movement"- The Jazzy's vocal (oooooh....aaaaaah....bum...bumm..buum...bumm...). The beginning with clap and the drum skip intro.<BR>The bass guitar.<P>The outro after "Without A Doubt"- bass guitar and keys "It's The Roots Crew.....y'all...y'all..y'all...y'all (echo)". Especially when The Roots go straight from the outro right into "Ain't Sayin' Nothin' New".<P>"Double Trouble"- The drum break at the beginning going right into the addition of the Xylophone sounding instrument (not sure what it was).<P>"Act Too (Love of My Life)"- (Ay Yo!!!! Ay Yo!!!!! I was speakin'..... To my guy Riq'in) I love that part.<P>"Diedre Vs Dice"- The string bass<P>"You Got Me"- Of course, the ending when ?uest starts bangin' on those drums.... ?uest you read my mind when you did that part.... NAAH MEAN!!!!!<P>The Hidden Track on TFA- "YOU DON'T HAVE TO SPIT ON ME.... OK I'LL DO IT." I laugh at that part everytime. <P><BR>Peace!!!!!!<P>"It's still The Black Knight (BurbKnight is for the legal purposes)"<BR><a href="http://members.tripod.com/~TheBlackKnight">http://members.tripod.com/~TheBlackKnight<;/a>