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28722, some of my favories
Posted by qoolquest, Tue Sep-07-99 07:17 PM
the small moments win everytime......<P>organix- "pass the popcorn" i like the piano lines. this was before we had a keyboard player so i did the honors.<P>"the anti circle" i like the bass breakdown at the end.<P>"leonard 1-5" the magic started when tariq started his scat-cum-"bernimrts". plus his pete rock adlibs were funny (1 to five y'all.....what's happnin'?....i've searched the metro....can't find ya baby)<P>"essaywhuman?!!???!!!" me imitating my then manager aj shine (now power 99's joe young) askin tariq for a dollar.<P>"carryin on" the first time i heard the term "biaaaaaaaaatch!!!!!!" i thought dix had made it up.<BR>--------------------------------------------------<P>dywm "intro" i tore my room up lookin for that cassete. and i found it at the last minute before the trip to new york to master.<P>"mellow my man" i thought the echo that bob put on the rhodes in the beggining of the song (oh shit!!...the skills....) is the coolest ever.<P>"lazy afternoon" tariq couldn't stop laughin at the faces i was makin' so thus ("cause it's a lazy auuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh!!!!!!") also the water effects were cool.<P>"? vs. rahzel" we were doin lazy afternoon and this was what we did 10 minutes after we met. rah didn't even know my name (he calls me "roots")<P>"dywm" god mpozi if you are reading this, please scan ang the bagpipe photos. you have to see these. i don't know what was weirder. rufus on bagpipes, with these dreadlocks down to his knees, or the looks on our faces when he was doin this.<P>"swept away" peep how i switched hub's basses. first it was electric, then i swithched to upright. he just noticed this 2 years ago.<P>"you ain't fly"-"whoomp whoomp whooo whuumm" we laughed so hard....whenever i'm on the mic it's blooper time.<P>"the lesson"- always the prankster tariq scared the shit out of m when he came into the dark ass vocal booth behind me. that's the laugh that you hear on "niggas didn't come like jeru and come clean".<P>the hidden track was more rah foolery during the "lazy afternoon" sketches.<BR>--------------------------------------------------<BR>"illadelph"<P>"panic"- just doin that song was the shiznit for me. we did that shit down south in the atl (ironicly during a roots threesome show ,in florida. see seattle, you're not alone.) i wanted to show fishbone and the dungeon crew how we do it.<P>"episodes" the watery vocals on the jazzies was icing on the cake.<P>"push up ya lighter" more water more water more water.<P>"what they do" the jam at the end was cool<P>"clones" wow!!!!!<P>"no alibi" the voices float everywhere. from the backrounds to malik fading to riq.<P>"dave vs. us" again when rah and i get together. we just can't stop laughin.<P>"no great pretender" listen to the end when malik was giving shout outs and what seems like an echo is really reverse delay. sounds real scary.<P>"the hypnotic" my all time favorite roots song. peep the flute in the chorus. absolute cotton.<BR>--------------------------------------------------<BR>"things fall apart"<P>"intro" i could listen to the backwards keys forever. and ever....and...<P>"table of contents" cymbals!!!!!!!!!!!!<P>"dynamite" guitars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<P>"without a doubt" the interlude is the last thing i did for the record. mos and tip wanted me to make it a full length jam.<P>"ain't sayin nothin" my backwards singin debut.<P>"double trouble" love it.<P>"love of my life" the strings and the rhodes in a wah wah pedal.<P>"you got me" jungle boogie"<P>"return to innocence" the keys are hypnotic.<BR>--------------------------------------------------<BR>roots come alive<P>-intro to next movement is dope<BR>-the intro to "don't see us" was cleaver if i say so myself.<BR>-but my favorite moment is tariq's james brown like intro to "adrenaline!"<BR>i won't reveal the rest to you..................<P><P><P>"....start your own company??!? your parents don't have enough money to buy you a company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"