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Topic subjectThe string break in...
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28721, The string break in...
Posted by MrBastard, Tue Sep-07-99 04:51 PM
"Love Of My Life" that shit is simply beautiful.<P>As much as I hate to hear strings nowadays in R&B(more like a gimmick now "hey mom look how 'diversified' we are" see Jennifer Lopez) the string part in Love o My Life reminded me of how much the strings set off "No Scrubs" and "The Boy Is Mine", otherwise horrible, horrible records. Oh yeah, if I hear anymore "spanish guitar" in black music somebodys getting they ass wooped. <P>The drum & bass break at the end of "You Got Me" is a very close second, as anyone who drove alongside my car earlier this year will testify. <P>MrB<P>