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Topic subjectY'all Know Who
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28710, Y'all Know Who
Posted by guest, Sun Sep-05-99 07:20 AM
THE BASSLINE is completely nuts!!!!<P>The KEYS are simplistically genius!!!<P>The DRUMS are tighter than a children's XSmall on ya moms!!!<P>THEN, the part that gets me most...... especially when performed live.... Black's verse..<P>(instruments stop during live performance)<P> "Stepped into the spot, the venue is empty. Five minutes later the crowd was in a frenzie. Packed up to the maximum occupancy, GIMME THE MIC... I got a Jones Like Quincy" <P>(beat kicks back in harder than ever!!!!) <P>OOOH I love that shit!!!!! <P><P><BR>(((krutch)))(((1999)))<P>"Eek ahk ook ahk ahk" - Pharcyde