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Topic subjectLETS DO A DRIVE BY!!!!!!
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28708, LETS DO A DRIVE BY!!!!!!
Posted by Vivrant, Thu Sep-09-99 09:53 AM
I SWEAR I WANT TO FLIP OFF OF THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING EVERYTIME I HEAR THAT PART OF THE SONG I CANT BELIEVE THIS ISNT EVERYONES FAVORITE PART OF THE SONG THAT PART IS THE EPITOME OF HOT SHIT.......<P><BR> <BR>"I had style since the day it came out"<BR> <BR>"i wish i had a car YEAH!!<BR>walk far YEAH!!<BR>gettin sick of work YEAH!!<BR>boss a jerk YEAH!!<BR>just paid my rent YEAH!!<BR>pockets bent YEAH!!<BR>I'm on okayplayer dot com YEAH!!<BR>all the time YEAH!!<BR>i hate cash money YEAH!!<BR>this shit aint funny YEAH!!<BR>i got a G-Shock YEAH!!<BR>digital watch YEAH!!<BR>my tims are run down YEAH!!<BR>running round YEAH!!<BR>Planet u type good won't cha BACK THAT POST UP<BR>U a okayplayer betta BACK THAT POST UP<BR>call me ORACLE playa BACK THAT POST UP<BR>feed up with the bullshit BACK THAT POST UP<BR>(should this be in the freestyle board??)" -ORACLE (i like cash money, but this was too funny not to acknowlege)<P>P!: Absoluste SWASS!!!!!<BR>(S.P.U. affiliate)