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Topic subjectheres what i like
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28700, heres what i like
Posted by PoetessCrystal, Sun Sep-05-99 09:01 AM
on nuttin new: after they are all saying nuttin new nuttin new over and over when quests drum beats FIRST come in <P>and when the music changes on innocense lost<BR>from the music box to the smooth notes<BR>i cried i cried i cried...<P>poetess<P><P><P>"we love you ?uestlove, oh yes we do, we love you ?uestlove, and we'll be true. When you're not near us we're blue, oh ?uestlove we love you."<BR>ya-ya99<P><P><P>"I KNOW U LIKE..WHODAFUCK IS HE TO BE TALKIN TO ME LIKE THIS..<BR>IM JUST THE AVERAGE OKP...<BR>I DONT SPEAK FOR THE BOARDS I <BR>SPEAK FOR ME" Donwill (but will don?)1999<P><BR>NO GOD, NO PEACE - KNOW GOD, KNOW PEACE