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Topic subjectWhat part of a Roots song gets you every time?
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28698, What part of a Roots song gets you every time?
Posted by 1Mind, Sun Sep-05-99 06:19 AM
Everybody has a part of a certain song that brings some kind of emotion out of you and makes that song special to you. It could either get you amped, make you laugh, make you smile, even make you cry.<P> For me, during "Mellow My Man" when Black Thought is rhyming over the jazz break in the middle of the song, perfectly on beat, and then all of a sudden, says "Oops, I lost it" and instantly the original beat comes back in, it just makes your head nod a little more than it already was. <P> Another is more simple: during "Clones" before each verse when the music gets really smooth and ?uest's vicious trigger comes in to introduce the next verse get me amped everytime.<P> To me that is what makes a song classic or makes it memorable to a person. It could be one lyric, one note in the song, but it's just what makes a song great to you.<P> Anyway, I'm rambling. What's your memorable moment of a song?<P>-1Mind<P>"Kids who step to the Soul you're labeled fools/<BR>Who claim to drop jewels/But for now you do the catching"<BR> -Posdnous, "Tha Bizness"