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Topic subjectnot that anybody cares but
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28697, not that anybody cares but
Posted by guest, Thu Sep-16-99 10:07 AM
as long as i got some mountain dew im good! mountain dew, water & maybe some gum or hard candy. when im on a road trip & im with a good travel partner i might eat once a day.<P>i hate when fools wanna stop at every rest area. i hate when we do stop for food & somebody who decided not to order wants to stop 10 minutes later cuz "that shit looks good". i hate when fools wanna eat at mcdonalds or some other burger joint. brother j says "yuck!".<P>uhh, one day i went from champaing il to milwaukee & the only thing we ate all day was apple cinnamon rice cakes, rasins & water!<P>"i had too much to think" slug