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28692, Chicken...
Posted by Phil, Wed Sep-15-99 06:06 PM
?uest..next time you are in montreal i'm gonna have to take you to this Lebanese restaurant for some chicken and rice and all other good vegetable goodies.....and you have to come because the restaurant is named Amir.....I know there is no H but still....ya gotta go...plus it will be my treat....feeding the starving artists will be my good deed for the day. lol<P>Montreal is a restaurant Mecca....Anything you want we got it.....Damn...i'm hungry all of a sudden.<P>blast you Ahmir,<BR>Phil<P>"Okayplayer.com, first the Web, next, the World!" - Phil copyright 1999<BR>"Phil, You're a Genius" - Kayci Copyright 1999<BR>"I'm not a genius, I just say what other people should be thinking." - Phil Copyright 1999<BR>"Girl, you so chicken, your Grandfather's name is Colonel Sanders" - Phil Copyright 1999