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Topic subject(i dunno wut to put here)
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28686, (i dunno wut to put here)
Posted by guest, Sun Sep-12-99 06:17 AM
>hub and dix are staunch vegetarians. <BR>COOOOOL!!!!!!<P>>tariq, scratch, kamal, big spon have an <BR>>occasional jones for fish now and <BR>>then. kamal is the only one <BR>>who makes a religion outta this. <BR>>as in he takes you to <BR>>court if you eat beef. you <BR>>will die if he sees you <BR>>eating pork. <BR>LOL<P><BR>>-all types of juices -cereal (cap'n <BR>>crunch, raisin bran, muselix) <BR>ughhhhh no fruit loops!!!!!<P>-spring water <BR>>-crunchy and creamy peanut butter, and <BR>>strawberry preserves <BR>yummm but no crunchy!!! maybe apricot preserves<P><BR>-2 packs of gardenburgers <BR>>(tastes like the real deal) <BR>we got a billion packs of those<P>-bagels, <BR>>potato bread <BR>got that tooooo<P><BR>-eggless mayo, <BR>>and mustard <BR>i dont like that kind of mayo so i dont eat mayo but mustard is the best stuff in the world!!!!!!<P>>-non diary cheese <BR>that stuff is OK my mom buys non dairy soy ice cream YUCK!!<P>>-veggie <BR>>coldcuts, and turkey. <BR>ever had vegan tuna its fake tuna made with soy!!!!!!!!! its alright<P><BR>"OKAYPLAYER giving me true ogasmic pleasure since 1987" - UNeeK (i can quote u on that right?)<P>"u virgin alcoholic FREAK!!!!!!!" -donwill <P>"shit..the more the merrier..and the younger u start..the better it is.."<BR>-donwill (figure out wut he was talkin about)