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Topic subjectfood glorious fooooooooooooooooooooood!
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28682, food glorious fooooooooooooooooooooood!
Posted by qoolquest, Sun Sep-12-99 01:17 AM
well, good food is hard to get nowadays. so when it comes to us we take advantage of it.<P>hub and dix are staunch vegetarians.<P>tariq, scratch, kamal, big spon have an occasional jones for fish now and then. kamal is the only one who makes a religion outta this. as in he takes you to court if you eat beef. you will die if he sees you eating pork.<P>kelo and i like chicken.<P>tina eats beef with no apologies<P>toya is a damn omnivore.<P>we have a rider for our dressing room. that way we store the tourbus with the foods we like for the next day. this includes:<BR>-all types of juices<BR>-cereal (cap'n crunch, raisin bran, muselix)<BR>-spring water<BR>-crunchy and creamy peanut butter, and strawberry preserves<BR>-2 packs of gardenburgers (tastes like the real deal)<BR>-bagels, potato bread<BR>-kettle chips<BR>-eggless mayo, and mustard<BR>-non diary cheese<BR>-veggie coldcuts, and turkey.<P>plus the promoter gives us a hot meal for 15 every show (either catered or restaurant). if not we get $20 each to go for delf. by now we know all the fly spots to eat around the globe.<P>but that dosn't mean that i don't welcome any home cookin y'all.............as long as it has no beef or pork let's have it.................<P><P><P><P><P><P>"....start your own company??!? your parents don't have enough money to buy you a company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"