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Topic subjectwhatcha sayin'?
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28492, whatcha sayin'?
Posted by onedrop, Fri Sep-17-99 06:02 AM
>>Sizzla, Anthony B and Luciano did they thing...when does the Rahzel, Scratch and Human Symphony album come out?? <P>you comparing these two groups or artists? you got me confused with this Ragga and Beatboxing are two different worlds . .although I do want to see rahzel attempt a live dub session . . .kinda<BR>"rahzel meets the uptown rockers" type o' shit<P>and "unplugged" soundclash so to speak<P>but what gotcha thinkin' this?<BR>just curious<BR>drop.<P><BR>" and stop begging people for weed! Okaystaffer! <BR>get your weed on, love." 'stress