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Topic subjectPops props
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28488, Pops props
Posted by Dub, Wed Sep-15-99 09:58 AM
Much love to the new pops. Good luck trying to get sleep these days bro. <P>I think it would be reeaaal interesting to see Scott Storch on the road for a little while so cats could catch a taste of the different flavas represented by and contributing to the family/band/entity known as the Roots Crew. Storch has been present for a while and even though I've seen the Roots perform6-7 times over the past few years as far as I know I've never even caught a glimpse of the brother. <P>Anyway, I'd welcome the opportunity to see Scott...now that doesn't mean anything in terms of preferences, it just means variety is good and what better reason than being a lovable new pops takin care of the yout.<P>Peace - Dub<P>BLK Crew Worlwide - whatchou talkin bout sucka???<P><BR>Sizzla, Anthony B and Luciano did they thing...when does the Rahzel, Scratch and Human Symphony album come out??