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Topic subject?? 4 Kamal.. re: being on the road fatherhood?
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28486, ?? 4 Kamal.. re: being on the road fatherhood?
Posted by EL_Juba, Sat Sep-11-99 01:44 PM
How are you gonna handle that? you gonna have your dtr strapped to your chest with one of those baby pouches? (ha ha ha!) Is michelle gonna be breastfeeding offstage while yall jam? You gonna have scott storch subbing more ? :) <P>WhatwhatwhatwhatwhatWHAT, WHAT?!?<P>Sorry to ask you these tough ??'s I know you've been racking your brain about them.. what advice have you received from your peers, like Dre, Gipp, Com, etc?<P>I think about this a lot given that I hope to be on the road performing one day, but Y'ALL perform like goddamn James Brown and the JB's, on some 200 dates a year style..<P>Juba