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Topic subject?? 4 Kamal.. re: being on the road fatherhood?
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28486, ?? 4 Kamal.. re: being on the road fatherhood?
Posted by EL_Juba, Sat Sep-11-99 01:44 PM
How are you gonna handle that? you gonna have your dtr strapped to your chest with one of those baby pouches? (ha ha ha!) Is michelle gonna be breastfeeding offstage while yall jam? You gonna have scott storch subbing more ? :) <P>WhatwhatwhatwhatwhatWHAT, WHAT?!?<P>Sorry to ask you these tough ??'s I know you've been racking your brain about them.. what advice have you received from your peers, like Dre, Gipp, Com, etc?<P>I think about this a lot given that I hope to be on the road performing one day, but Y'ALL perform like goddamn James Brown and the JB's, on some 200 dates a year style..<P>Juba
28487, interesting question
Posted by guest, Wed Sep-15-99 09:43 AM
Just pushing it up 'cause even though he might be taking some time off to take care of the little Klangette and Mommy Klang.<P>I just got off an IM with him and he *aww damn, y'all...babies and love are so wonderful*<P>angieee ('stress)<P>"Nah I ain't dippin/ sometimes I get a stuck brake/ got my rearview attached <BR>with some duct tape/ keep your knee right there/ I'm tryin to keep the glove <BR>compartment closed player...." -Boots, The Coup<P>Thanks Victor...<BR>
28488, Pops props
Posted by Dub, Wed Sep-15-99 09:58 AM
Much love to the new pops. Good luck trying to get sleep these days bro. <P>I think it would be reeaaal interesting to see Scott Storch on the road for a little while so cats could catch a taste of the different flavas represented by and contributing to the family/band/entity known as the Roots Crew. Storch has been present for a while and even though I've seen the Roots perform6-7 times over the past few years as far as I know I've never even caught a glimpse of the brother. <P>Anyway, I'd welcome the opportunity to see Scott...now that doesn't mean anything in terms of preferences, it just means variety is good and what better reason than being a lovable new pops takin care of the yout.<P>Peace - Dub<P>BLK Crew Worlwide - whatchou talkin bout sucka???<P><BR>Sizzla, Anthony B and Luciano did they thing...when does the Rahzel, Scratch and Human Symphony album come out??
28489, up up up up up up up
Posted by PoetessCrystal, Fri Sep-17-99 05:39 AM
until kamal sees this lets keep it at the top..<BR>its a great question and i'd like to know the answer too<P>poetess<P><BR>"eff a hater!!! OKAYFAM FOR LIFE!!!" stress<P><BR><a href="http://www.sentergroup.com">http://www.sentergroup.com<;/a><BR>mama's art, bro's music, my poetry<P>"stay beautiful <BR>but dont stay underground too long...."-For Poets by Al Young<P><BR>NO GOD, NO PEACE - KNOW GOD, KNOW PEACE
28490, Sizzla, Anthony B and Luciano did they thing...when does the Rahzel, Scratch and Human Symphony album come out??
Posted by Dub, Tue Sep-21-99 01:54 PM
Drop/ folks - \<BR> I say 3 of the hottest dancehall cats came together to make the 3 Wise Men album. I would like to see what 3 of the hottest beatbox/scratch/human percussion cats would pull together if they did an album. I focus on a lot of Dub but thats another post.<P>-Dub<BR>Sizzla, Anthony B and Luciano did they thing...when does the Rahzel, Scratch and Human Symphony album come out??
28491, Thats very nice of you all...
Posted by EL_Juba, Tue Sep-21-99 11:06 PM
<img src="http://www.okayplayer.com/dcforum/Images/wink.gif"> wow, noone has ever looked out for a question of mine before <img src="http://www.okayplayer.com/dcforum/Images/happy.gif">
28492, whatcha sayin'?
Posted by onedrop, Fri Sep-17-99 06:02 AM
>>Sizzla, Anthony B and Luciano did they thing...when does the Rahzel, Scratch and Human Symphony album come out?? <P>you comparing these two groups or artists? you got me confused with this Ragga and Beatboxing are two different worlds . .although I do want to see rahzel attempt a live dub session . . .kinda<BR>"rahzel meets the uptown rockers" type o' shit<P>and "unplugged" soundclash so to speak<P>but what gotcha thinkin' this?<BR>just curious<BR>drop.<P><BR>" and stop begging people for weed! Okaystaffer! <BR>get your weed on, love." 'stress
28493, Up the question for Sun Ra...Oh sorry I mean Kamal
Posted by Dub, Wed Sep-22-99 10:24 AM
Just keeping it up. We all wonderin...see the original post.<P><BR>-Dub<P>Long Live V I N Y L!!! <P>Sizzla, Anthony B and Luciano did they thing...when does the Rahzel, Scratch and Human Symphony album come out??
28494, Guess my nggia is as busy w/ his newborn as I was.. :)
Posted by EL_Juba, Fri Sep-24-99 04:58 PM
Oh well. I understand.<P>Hey Angieee if you read this (I doubt you will given your schedule..) I sent you an email @ okplayer on some personal sh!t.. did U get It?<P>And if you did, did you GET IT?<P>Juba
28495, hey yaaaaaaalll!!!
Posted by guest, Mon Sep-27-99 06:00 AM
First of all I'd like to thank all of you for the <BR>love and support y'all have given me. And yes, I have had my hands full with Michelle and Kamiah and being in the studio working with jag! But to get to the point seeing that you tried so hard to keep this post up, It's BUSINESS AS USUAL(why does that look like it's spelled wrong)lol! I will continue to do what I've been doing, a nigga still got to pay the mo' ya feel?? But as much as my career allows me, I will be with my-my every chance I get cause it's really such an unexplainable joy. She is still new but trust me when she can, she and wifee will be by there at all the events just like it use to be!!!
28496, Awwww...MyMy!
Posted by t510, Mon Sep-27-99 06:39 AM
cute nickname....<P>Great to see you enjoying fatherhood to the fullest. I wish you continued happiness!<P><BR>"Punch your clock, but never end your day..."--Jaguar<P>Peace and Love <img src="http://www.okayplayer.com/dcforum/Images/happy.gif">
28497, Gotta love Black love...
Posted by guest, Mon Sep-27-99 07:43 AM
Many blessings to you and your family. I hope that when I get married next year, that I am equally as blessed.<P>Kristy<P>Gotta love my okay fam. -- me<P>Go eat a Manwich, bee-ach!! -- me<BR>
28498, One Question tho'
Posted by MisterGrump, Mon Sep-27-99 07:50 AM
WHO IS THE GOD DADDY?<P><P>From The Low End,<BR>Mister Grump<P>Visit The Low End at:<BR><a href="http://www.angelfire.com/il2/TheLowEnd">http://www.angelfire.com/il2/TheLowEnd<;/a>
28499, Beautiful thang! Keep us updated..
Posted by EL_Juba, Mon Sep-27-99 10:18 AM
Yeah fatherhood is a beautiful thang..<P>Keep us updated on the bittersweet twists and turns, hell, maybe one day you'll be able to thread all the posts and anecdotes into a Bill Cosby-type funnybook on fatherhood "DADDY KAMAL AND THE FAM: FAMILY TREE MEETS THE ROOTS ON THE ROAD" (corny, nevermind) so y'all can keep eating in between shows and ASCAP/BMI checks <img src="http://www.okayplayer.com/dcforum/Images/happy.gif"> heh heh heh<P>Juba