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Posted by Re_Alief, Fri Oct-01-99 08:46 PM
>Hope y'all like D'Angelo. If not, keep it <BR>>to yourself or catch an eye jammie. <BR>>Peace, <BR>U even put PEACE to the end of dat?! Makes me think back to teh old days (daze??) when heads use 2 use that expression (catch an EYE JAMMIE!!), thought only BK heads used that term!?! *LOL* NAW...WERD!! Yall really did an excellant job Angieee...go and get sum rest boo.YOU,TNG,DROP,& the rest of the gang are the bestest in the whole wide world nah mean sis?? THANKS!!! <P>Peace2U,<BR>Re Alief<P>ICQ - 4012309 <BR>AOL im - nostrilz<P>'OH! GOMEN NASAI!' - me<BR>"Don't be speakin' japaMAnese to me!" - Sugah <BR>'ummm, get off the phone and go to bed baby!' - me<P>"you always mean to me" - Sugah<BR>'no I ain't baby' - me<BR>"fuck you! Hang up the goddamn phone!!"<BR>'huh?! You sayin' that I'M mean baby??' - me <img src="http://www.okayplayer.com/dcforum/Images/wink.gif"> <P>my boo's published poem from last year (this year very soon!!)<BR><a href="http://www.rhapsodyinblack.com/98Summer/ea.html#HeavenonEarth">http://www.rhapsodyinblack.com/98Summer/ea.html#HeavenonEarth<;/a> <img src="http://www.okayplayer.com/dcforum/Images/happy.gif">