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28478, hype!
Posted by guest, Fri Oct-01-99 07:46 PM
Y'all get some well-deserved rest and time off (you better, or else...<img src="http://www.okayplayer.com/dcforum/Images/happy.gif"> )<BR>Angie, newguy, onedrop, you outdid yourselves on this one, excellent!! PEACE<P>E<P>-'how can you be so thin and live so phat?'<P>-"If it wasn't for breakbeats, you'd be rhymin' over my shit" -Rahzel<P>-"consider me effed..." -eD<P>"this some fan club or somethin?"<BR> nope<BR> "what is it?"<BR> my crew from our website<BR> "huh?" says to partner "computer geeks?"<BR> no m--<BR> "aww man!!!! all this good pussy out here and you let them computer geeks in????!?!?!?!?"<BR> (i look in disgust......he'll never know) -?uest