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Topic subjectDang yall...........
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28476, Dang yall...........
Posted by Nayyirah, Fri Oct-01-99 10:36 AM
Yall never cease to amaze me!<BR>I LOVE the new look!!!<BR>Keep up the wonderful work and get some (much needed) rest<BR>You can forget about us..well keep ourselves occupied. <img src="http://www.okayplayer.com/dcforum/Images/happy.gif"><P>Peace & Love<BR>Nayyirah<P>"What's a Nayyirah??"<BR>"Nayyirah Rah like a dungeon dragon"<BR>"Will You be my Naybor?"<P>"Me and Nayriah go back like babies and pacifiers" - nickelz45 <P>who you think you foolin/you ain't a battle cat/your like an anorexic bitch/you only think your phatt - Jihad