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Topic subjectWelcome D'Angelo. Hellllllo bed!
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28461, Welcome D'Angelo. Hellllllo bed!
Posted by guest, Fri Oct-01-99 02:53 AM
New Guy, you tired yet?<P>It's 9am, I'm very tired.<P>32 hours. No sleep.<P>Hope y'all like D'Angelo. If not, keep it to yourself or catch an eye jammie.<P>Peace,<P>Love y'all<P>Hitting the hay,<P>'Stress.<BR>
28462, Finally!!
Posted by guest, Fri Oct-01-99 02:59 AM
I cannot believe that I have the strength to even type this right now. Y'all have NO IDEA what the last 32 hours have been like. D's site is finally up. Feel free to post your thoughts about it here.<P>must......sleep....<P>Doug (The New Guy)<BR>"While you exist in a perpetual state of mediocrity, I be droppin these on ya dome"
28463, Congrats and get some sleep yall
Posted by Improv, Fri Oct-01-99 03:20 AM
So far everything is beautiful (haven't checked out everything. Work, ya no?). Get some sleep, for real, but most importantly....<P>GO OUTSIDE!!!! <img src="http://www.okayplayer.com/dcforum/Images/happy.gif"><P>Thanks yall and I really appreciate (gotdam spelling...) everything you, Angiee, Onedrop, and the whole crew has done. For real<P>Welcome D! Don't stress these cats too much <img src="http://www.okayplayer.com/dcforum/Images/happy.gif"><P><BR>One<BR>Improv!?, temp moderator who's doing it for the love, not a hired Okayplayer<P>"The farther I fall I'm beside you/ as lost as I get I will find you/the deeper the wound I'm inside you/for ever and ever I am a part of/ you and me..." Trent Reznor "We're In This Together"<P>Promote and support Okayplayer Dot Com! YOU CAN DO IT!!!
28464, This is the shit!!!!
Posted by guest, Fri Oct-01-99 03:36 AM
Y'all really out did yourselves this time!! I love it!! The Bio was mad nice. Y'all get some Z's!!! Y'all deserve it! n/m If I were there I would bring you breakfast in bed. Too bad I'm all the way in the South Kakalack!! <P>ONE!<BR>I'm still Trouble T<P>troyboy430: AIM<BR>wildman430: YAHOO<P>"I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26<BR>times I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life, and that is why I succeed!" Micheal Jordan<P>T 2tha R 2tha O 2thaY
28465, GREAT JOB!!!!
Posted by res1, Fri Oct-01-99 03:42 AM
Damn, y'all are good...the site's hot.<BR>peace, okayplayers<BR>"so what? you carry hot glocks and rocks, so what? that type of rap is #1 on the charts, so what? your video is on MTV, you still ain't an emcee to me"- Krumb Snatcha<BR>"paranoia's a weapon, so stay calm..."-iriscience
28466, DOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by KDfromWestP, Fri Oct-01-99 03:44 AM
is all I can say.....just finished checking everything out (damn this computer for not having a sound card!).....nice yall 4 real......<P><P>"Of course that's just my opinion, I could be wrong" -Dennis Miller<BR> <BR>"It's funny how money change a situation..." -L Boogie
28467, Get some sleep, you've earned it!!! n/m
Posted by Nesta, Fri Oct-01-99 03:49 AM
"Damn Ang, Y'ALL DA SHIT!" - Me to Ang several times over the past two weeks.<P>"Nesta after reading all your posts over the last weeks, I wanted to marry you. but now I see all we'd do is duplicate our cd collection. " -Soulsike<P>"Nesta, if I didn't know you, I'd think you were an illiterate stalker" - Angieee aka 'Stress.<P>
28468, :-O
Posted by guest, Fri Oct-01-99 03:51 AM
<BR>Wow.<P><BR>Peace and love,<BR>-iLL<P><BR>She would be like, "What do they want YOU for? Do you give good head!?" -Unknown<P><BR>I can't knock you for not knowing/ But I could for you not wanting to learn/ Nor for asking/ But I could for you not willing to earn/ No I can't, for someone to even havta tell me twice/ So this music is my sacrifice/ So I be dedicated, determinated, and dependable/ To demonstrate directly/ And use the opportunity correctly/ So forget the gold teeth/ Forget the bald head/ forget it sound country/ Just remember what I said... -Atlanta's own Cee-Loo
28469, The most beautiful!
Posted by eric, Fri Oct-01-99 04:02 AM
The new site is beautiful. I love it! Ya'll really did a great job taking it to the NEXT!<P>Now SLEEP! Zzzzzzzzzzzz.<P>Peace.<P>Eric!
28470, losing money
Posted by guest, Fri Oct-01-99 04:24 AM
it's beautiful. thanks.<BR>my bosses are going to fire me 'cause i'm not doing any work, and that will be all your fault, but thanks anyway. i'll be broke (not like i'm not already), won't have enough money to buy voodoo, and will drown my sorrows in night-train (not james brown's).<BR>things DO fall apart.<BR>"i took another bubble bath with my pants on. all the fighting stopped. next time i'll do it sooner." prince '87
28471, Very nice....
Posted by bluetiger, Fri Oct-01-99 04:42 AM
Go to sleep or I'll read you all a bed time story from DarkStar's site.<P>Peace Is Not The Word To Play<P>and the shoutouts:<BR>In no particular order except the first one who started this:<BR>First to: qoolquest, P!, angieee, newguy, Erich, Mercedes, Morockin, notyou, Tank, YaYa, Trinigalnatty, OutLau, Natural1, T-bear183, T510, girlkoko, stylus, Airicka, Django, Phil, GoldenWon, Jihad, KRH, Nay, kawright, nebt_tet, Melanism, ABACUS, janiejones, the Fatness, Nesta, YardBird33, lyricalbullet, DJBumRush, DJFLYGEAR, MistaMeek, Iriealldatime, the_fifth, KnoMad, Shinobi Shaw, Phil, Maria, marie laveau, Tracey, Planet Infinite, spirit, MisterGrump, Ghaz, soulchild, Aaron, mcfaceless, zee, burbnight, pablo, VeRs, Ray_Snill, BigO, allreal69, azucar18, T_Roy, kayci, jannaec, Lyrical44, UrbanCowgRRL, Blackmagicallydelicious, Improv, Vet, nocturnal, sereion, deephunk, donwill, poetx, HeavenLei, AminaLovely, gravity508, NazDak, PRNITEMARE, mace_windu, AbdulJaleel, SAVIR, Ayana, Darkstar, stevelove, missphilippinethang, nickelz45, HotSpittable, Mil, BrainChild, EL_Juba, MojoTaters, BTMBQHKDR, theREFINE1, RamXL, mikaela(h), LyricalJester, rEvolution, Illadelph_kat, allday, emil, Blizz, jose3030, ILLWILL, knobady, BooDaah, knicksrule, Re_Alief , onedrop, Yu53F, PoetessCrystal, illmatic, jabril74, thisisme, ICE, Sleepy, JDET313, LaDieMeCCa, pfunk, SqueegeeXM, stattic, Mal, digabomb, RexLongfellow, wellmanneredshark, ATRUHEAD, eD, Blizz, Mr_1989, Augustuz, drunkenthoughts, octagon, res1, QueJay, Kasino, Eriness (RIP) and Atavistronic. (of course the Roots, Black Lily, and Motive)<BR>
28472, big ups...
Posted by kayci, Fri Oct-01-99 05:51 AM
<BR>now sleep!!!<BR>oh yeah the pics of d'angelo ae HOT!!!!!!<P><P>stay true.<BR>kayci<BR>"..never question who I am God knows...and I know God personally in fact, he lets me call him me.."<BR>--Saul Williams, "Amethyst Rocks"--
28473, Congrats y'all
Posted by Steve, Fri Oct-01-99 08:12 AM
Damn, now get some sleep this weekend!!!<P>The site redesign is the ish, nuff said.<BR>Now go sleep.<BR>peace,<BR>Steve
28474, effa sleep
Posted by atruhead, Fri Oct-01-99 08:40 AM
yall need to just go into comas, wake up in like 2 weeks and then restart working. by then we'll still be happy with what we have.
28475, ha-ha....
Posted by guest, Fri Oct-01-99 09:31 AM
that's what i've been doing since i checked out the new site today...laughing at how effing dope it is!!!!!!!! d's section is such a great addition and looks stunning....Angie, newguy, and drop, ya'll really did this up right!!!! one love....<P><BR>"my thoughts, interwoven and deep like Beethoven...." -Black Thought<P>"I'm simply, the cat that lay back, I chill and watch you, the silent ninja, intend to injure now I got you..." -Malik B
28476, Dang yall...........
Posted by Nayyirah, Fri Oct-01-99 10:36 AM
Yall never cease to amaze me!<BR>I LOVE the new look!!!<BR>Keep up the wonderful work and get some (much needed) rest<BR>You can forget about us..well keep ourselves occupied. <img src="http://www.okayplayer.com/dcforum/Images/happy.gif"><P>Peace & Love<BR>Nayyirah<P>"What's a Nayyirah??"<BR>"Nayyirah Rah like a dungeon dragon"<BR>"Will You be my Naybor?"<P>"Me and Nayriah go back like babies and pacifiers" - nickelz45 <P>who you think you foolin/you ain't a battle cat/your like an anorexic bitch/you only think your phatt - Jihad
28477, GreAT JOB!!!!!
Posted by guest, Fri Oct-01-99 12:20 PM
I already posted this somewhere else, but you guys can never get enough props....<BR>I love this site 100x more now...which is making it more addictive...<BR>Thank YOu SOOOO much!<BR>GEt some REST! iT's well deserved...<P>Thank you!<P>~peace~<BR>Amber
28478, hype!
Posted by guest, Fri Oct-01-99 07:46 PM
Y'all get some well-deserved rest and time off (you better, or else...<img src="http://www.okayplayer.com/dcforum/Images/happy.gif"> )<BR>Angie, newguy, onedrop, you outdid yourselves on this one, excellent!! PEACE<P>E<P>-'how can you be so thin and live so phat?'<P>-"If it wasn't for breakbeats, you'd be rhymin' over my shit" -Rahzel<P>-"consider me effed..." -eD<P>"this some fan club or somethin?"<BR> nope<BR> "what is it?"<BR> my crew from our website<BR> "huh?" says to partner "computer geeks?"<BR> no m--<BR> "aww man!!!! all this good pussy out here and you let them computer geeks in????!?!?!?!?"<BR> (i look in disgust......he'll never know) -?uest
28479, LMBAO
Posted by Re_Alief, Fri Oct-01-99 08:46 PM
>Hope y'all like D'Angelo. If not, keep it <BR>>to yourself or catch an eye jammie. <BR>>Peace, <BR>U even put PEACE to the end of dat?! Makes me think back to teh old days (daze??) when heads use 2 use that expression (catch an EYE JAMMIE!!), thought only BK heads used that term!?! *LOL* NAW...WERD!! Yall really did an excellant job Angieee...go and get sum rest boo.YOU,TNG,DROP,& the rest of the gang are the bestest in the whole wide world nah mean sis?? THANKS!!! <P>Peace2U,<BR>Re Alief<P>ICQ - 4012309 <BR>AOL im - nostrilz<P>'OH! GOMEN NASAI!' - me<BR>"Don't be speakin' japaMAnese to me!" - Sugah <BR>'ummm, get off the phone and go to bed baby!' - me<P>"you always mean to me" - Sugah<BR>'no I ain't baby' - me<BR>"fuck you! Hang up the goddamn phone!!"<BR>'huh?! You sayin' that I'M mean baby??' - me <img src="http://www.okayplayer.com/dcforum/Images/wink.gif"> <P>my boo's published poem from last year (this year very soon!!)<BR><a href="http://www.rhapsodyinblack.com/98Summer/ea.html#HeavenonEarth">http://www.rhapsodyinblack.com/98Summer/ea.html#HeavenonEarth<;/a> <img src="http://www.okayplayer.com/dcforum/Images/happy.gif">
28480, Ya'll are sick, just sick
Posted by YaYa, Sat Oct-02-99 06:53 AM
And i love you for it....<BR>this shit is so damn tight i feel like crying <BR>i think sleep is going to be a foreign term to me now<BR>YaYa<BR>"Can I have my dash back, PLEASE??"<BR>"I'm dropping the other Ya. Without the dash it just aint the same."-me<BR>"Woman is you outta your mind, dropping the other ya is heretical, blasphemous"-Mr. Grump<BR>"Back by popular demand, the other ya!!!"-me
28481, Ooooppppsss!
Posted by guest, Sat Oct-02-99 09:40 PM
OOOOOpppppsssss! In my excitement of the whole accesscibility thing to D, like a fool,i have forgotten to thank the people who made this beautiful board possible. Your hard work,time energy&efforts into this creation is simply unmatched & all i can do is marvel& say THANK YOU! THANK YOU,THANK YOU,THANK YOU. Mean that from the bottom of my heart. Thank you one and all@ the okayhitfactory!<P>YYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!