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Topic subjectdamn near tears
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28425, damn near tears
Posted by atruhead, Fri Oct-15-99 08:39 PM
Im upset beyond words right now, the quiet to myself kind of upset, not the "beat somebodys ass in an angry rage" upset. <P>Summer 1998- XXL article, it HAS been a minute since we heard from d, lets see what hes up to. damn, from this article it looks like his albums gonna be pretty tight. <P>August 25th 1998- Go to cop Lauryn the day it drops from sam goody. See a sign "Coming soon D'angelo Oct. 6th 1998. FINALLY!! Never comes...<P>Nov.2nd 1999 album release date pushed back to nov. 23rd. DAMN ok I suppose I can be patient 3 more weeks.<P>NOV. 23rd?? Guess what folks yall gotta wait 7 more weeks. EFF VIRGIN/CHEEBA or whoevers behind this. You could tell the black music loving community that the album was dropping 6 days from now at exactly 3:37 am and it would go triple platinum at least just because thats what the people want to hear. Im officially swearing off on any bullshit r n b music, and just buying oldies until this genre is fixed for good. Im through venting for now. Congratulations to anyone whos heard it, Im gonna stop even thinking about a damn release date, whatever decade it shows up I'll be happy to cop it.<P>"Do ya really wanna be in the business<BR>and ya think you got what it takes?<BR>prepare yourself for the breaks" - ATCQ