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Topic subjectI quit
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28419, I quit
Posted by BrainChild, Thu Oct-14-99 07:18 AM
eff the lauryn hill duet. save it for a b-side<P>just release the damn album.<P>--me--<P>"sorry for being soo urban" -- ram xl<P>"we gotta make it better. don't take my sweater. y'all make my head hurt. i ain't even gonna finish this song, it's too long. i'ma watch cops in my lazy boy and my thong." -- del tha funkee homosapien<P>"what the frick makes you frickers wanna frick with this?" -- roots manuva<P>"I think that Bobby Taylor is a two bit goat-smellin' spook obviously from the Coon Repertory Theater of America. We are out here sweatin like niggas goin to the election in Georgia because he chooses to buck his eyes, yank on his dick and pull those raggedy skid-marked draws out of the crack of his black ass. I have nothing else to say about Bobby Taylor!"