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Topic subjectEff a Lauryn Hill
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28415, Eff a Lauryn Hill
Posted by Phil, Thu Oct-14-99 06:56 AM
If she can't do it, then why don't he find someone else??? I know she's Lauryn and she should get special treatment, but damn, If you ask me, it's getting kind of ridiculous. 3rd Postponement??? Now I know this hasn't been confirmed yet so I might be talkin for nothing, but I just had to say that I find this nuts. Sure they have great chemistry and such, but damn. Personally, if I were in D's place, I'd find someone else to do the song with and just release it already. I hate having things lying around unfinished. Would D have waited for someone else if it wasn't Lauryn having the legal troubles? Anyways, I should just shut up cuz this is not my labor of love. Anyways, I'm off to lunch.<P>Peace,<BR>Phil<P><BR>"Okayplayer.com, first the Web, next, the World!" - Phil copyright 1999<BR>"Phil, You're a Genius" - Kayci Copyright 1999<BR>"I'm not a genius, I just say what other people should be thinking." - Phil Copyright 1999<BR>"Girl, you so chicken, your Grandfather's name is Colonel Sanders" - Phil Copyright 1999