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28413, D Delayed!!!
Posted by guest, Thu Oct-14-99 06:19 AM
Forgot my password again, had to let you guys know this. Any word ?uest?<P>Fans hungry for neo-soul crooner D'Angelo's<BR>long-awaited sophomore set, Voodoo, will have to wait a little longer. Already rescheduled three times this year, Voodoo has been pushed back again and is now due Jan. 11.<P>According to sources close to the D'Angelo camp, the album was again rescheduled because the Lauryn Hill collaboration is not yet complete. The collaboration, a D'Angelo-produced remake of the Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway classic "Feel Like Making Love," has not been recorded because Hill is busy with her legal battles over the royalties and production credits on The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill.<P>Insiders hint that two singles from Voodoo will hit radio in the coming weeks: "Untitled," a tribute to the Artist formerly known as Prince, and a cut called "Left And Right," featuring Method Man and Redman. You can hear "Left And Right" on LAUNCH by clicking here.<P>Raphael Saadiq, formerly of Tony Toni Tone, is also expected to contribute to the album.<P>With Voodoo expected in the new year, media activity has begun brewing for D'Angelo. He appeared on the season opener of HBO's The Chris Rock Show. The singer also graces the November cover of Essence magazine. In the Essence interview, D'Angelo talks about sex with church girls, but he refuses to discuss his baby's mother, Angie Stone, who recently released her<BR>solo debut, Black Diamond.<P>Tonight D'Angelo is set to appear at a reception in New York City hosted by LAUNCH and Emporio Armani.<P>Look for a D'Angelo feature on LAUNCH.com soon. Features on Method Man, Redman, and Tony Toni Tone.<P>reprinted from launch.com without permission<BR>