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Topic subjectD Delayed!!!
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28413, D Delayed!!!
Posted by guest, Thu Oct-14-99 06:19 AM
Forgot my password again, had to let you guys know this. Any word ?uest?<P>Fans hungry for neo-soul crooner D'Angelo's<BR>long-awaited sophomore set, Voodoo, will have to wait a little longer. Already rescheduled three times this year, Voodoo has been pushed back again and is now due Jan. 11.<P>According to sources close to the D'Angelo camp, the album was again rescheduled because the Lauryn Hill collaboration is not yet complete. The collaboration, a D'Angelo-produced remake of the Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway classic "Feel Like Making Love," has not been recorded because Hill is busy with her legal battles over the royalties and production credits on The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill.<P>Insiders hint that two singles from Voodoo will hit radio in the coming weeks: "Untitled," a tribute to the Artist formerly known as Prince, and a cut called "Left And Right," featuring Method Man and Redman. You can hear "Left And Right" on LAUNCH by clicking here.<P>Raphael Saadiq, formerly of Tony Toni Tone, is also expected to contribute to the album.<P>With Voodoo expected in the new year, media activity has begun brewing for D'Angelo. He appeared on the season opener of HBO's The Chris Rock Show. The singer also graces the November cover of Essence magazine. In the Essence interview, D'Angelo talks about sex with church girls, but he refuses to discuss his baby's mother, Angie Stone, who recently released her<BR>solo debut, Black Diamond.<P>Tonight D'Angelo is set to appear at a reception in New York City hosted by LAUNCH and Emporio Armani.<P>Look for a D'Angelo feature on LAUNCH.com soon. Features on Method Man, Redman, and Tony Toni Tone.<P>reprinted from launch.com without permission<BR>
28414, Well.....THANK GOD....
Posted by Nesta, Thu Oct-14-99 06:28 AM
I already heard Voodoo once. I'm still pissed though if this is true, but if I hadn't heard the album already, I'd be on my way to South Orange right now to hijack Ms. Hill and take her down to Electric Ladyland and force her to finish this song TONIGHT.<P>"I ain't trying to dis, but I don't be trying to fuck with Limp Bizkit" - Mos Def
28415, Eff a Lauryn Hill
Posted by Phil, Thu Oct-14-99 06:56 AM
If she can't do it, then why don't he find someone else??? I know she's Lauryn and she should get special treatment, but damn, If you ask me, it's getting kind of ridiculous. 3rd Postponement??? Now I know this hasn't been confirmed yet so I might be talkin for nothing, but I just had to say that I find this nuts. Sure they have great chemistry and such, but damn. Personally, if I were in D's place, I'd find someone else to do the song with and just release it already. I hate having things lying around unfinished. Would D have waited for someone else if it wasn't Lauryn having the legal troubles? Anyways, I should just shut up cuz this is not my labor of love. Anyways, I'm off to lunch.<P>Peace,<BR>Phil<P><BR>"Okayplayer.com, first the Web, next, the World!" - Phil copyright 1999<BR>"Phil, You're a Genius" - Kayci Copyright 1999<BR>"I'm not a genius, I just say what other people should be thinking." - Phil Copyright 1999<BR>"Girl, you so chicken, your Grandfather's name is Colonel Sanders" - Phil Copyright 1999
28416, Patience is a virtue...
Posted by guest, Sat Oct-16-99 11:47 AM
I can understand why everyone is upset about the delays on the album, but realize that the best things come to those who wait. Lauryn is a great artist and if it were me, I wouldn't want to leave her out either. Everyone has been suffering for years now with playing Brown Sugar over and over again, a couple more months can't make that much of a difference.
28417, Easy.....
Posted by guest, Sun Oct-17-99 04:28 AM
...on my girl Lauryn. We all want to hear D's ish, 'cause you know it's gonna be hot as hell. But who can take Lauryn's place? Let's be honest here, there's only one L-Boogie that can get the job done right. Just chill, cop the November issue of Essence and put Brown Sugar in your cd player until January.<P>Peace and Guidance,<BR>Adjua<BR>***I am weaving the fibres of a new world*** Iyanla Vanzant
28418, I can't explain...
Posted by guest, Thu Oct-14-99 07:10 AM
My feelings are so hurt right now. I'm really about to cry. D'Angelo, you're driving me crazy!!<P>Asia W.<P>"...when the stench of loneliness dulled and lulled your senses/my sex was your incense/my kiss your favorite scent..."--an excerpt from "a little something to remember me by," a poem by me
28419, I quit
Posted by BrainChild, Thu Oct-14-99 07:18 AM
eff the lauryn hill duet. save it for a b-side<P>just release the damn album.<P>--me--<P>"sorry for being soo urban" -- ram xl<P>"we gotta make it better. don't take my sweater. y'all make my head hurt. i ain't even gonna finish this song, it's too long. i'ma watch cops in my lazy boy and my thong." -- del tha funkee homosapien<P>"what the frick makes you frickers wanna frick with this?" -- roots manuva<P>"I think that Bobby Taylor is a two bit goat-smellin' spook obviously from the Coon Repertory Theater of America. We are out here sweatin like niggas goin to the election in Georgia because he chooses to buck his eyes, yank on his dick and pull those raggedy skid-marked draws out of the crack of his black ass. I have nothing else to say about Bobby Taylor!"
28420, recoupment
Posted by guest, Thu Oct-14-99 07:39 AM
how's D gonna make a red cent off "Voodoo"?
28421, d'isappointed.
Posted by m, Thu Oct-14-99 11:28 AM
argh! nov23rd was too long to wait. 90 d'ays is way too long <img src="http://www.okayplayer.com/dcforum/Images/sad.gif"><P>i guess he wanted to be eligible for best album of the 21st century.<P>sigh,<BR>m.
28422, datz whut I'm sayin' yo!!! n/m
Posted by Re_Alief, Thu Oct-14-99 12:47 PM
>eff the lauryn hill duet. <BR>>save it for a b-side <BR>>just release the damn album. <P>Peace2U,<BR>Re Alief<P>ICQ - 4012309 <BR>AOL im - nostrilz<P>Black Lily pix:<BR><a href="http://homepages.go.com/~rlbk/albums/album">http://homepages.go.com/~rlbk/albums/album<;/a>/<P>The Key club pix:<BR><a href="http://homepages.go.com/~blaktwin2/albums/OKP_at_the_Key_Club">http://homepages.go.com/~blaktwin2/albums/OKP_at_the_Key_Club<;/a>/<P>Sugah's published poem from last year (this year coming soon!)<BR><a href="http://www.rhapsodyinblack.com/98Summer/ea.html#HeavenonEarth">http://www.rhapsodyinblack.com/98Summer/ea.html#HeavenonEarth<;/a> <img src="http://www.okayplayer.com/dcforum/Images/happy.gif">
28423, Here is what D'Angelo needs to do
Posted by guest, Thu Oct-14-99 03:32 PM
Release a double album - put the 17 minute title cut on there, and like 10 other joints on it. "Dreamin' Eyes - JayDee Remix", "Brown Sugar Live - with Prince on bass guitar","Say A Prayer", "Bitch", "Slum Village Joint" (maybe without the lyrics...), etc. Maybe a cover of "Condition of the Heart", "The Ladder" (I saw Prince do this song on a piano alone and it is the effing best...) or "wonder u" would do. Anything is possible before January 11th. This would make EVERYONE happy.
28424, *Sigh*
Posted by guest, Fri Oct-15-99 05:13 AM
I hate to be so cynical, but is anyone truely suprised by this. I think I would have been SHOCKED to see yhis album come out in November<P>Mo
28425, damn near tears
Posted by atruhead, Fri Oct-15-99 08:39 PM
Im upset beyond words right now, the quiet to myself kind of upset, not the "beat somebodys ass in an angry rage" upset. <P>Summer 1998- XXL article, it HAS been a minute since we heard from d, lets see what hes up to. damn, from this article it looks like his albums gonna be pretty tight. <P>August 25th 1998- Go to cop Lauryn the day it drops from sam goody. See a sign "Coming soon D'angelo Oct. 6th 1998. FINALLY!! Never comes...<P>Nov.2nd 1999 album release date pushed back to nov. 23rd. DAMN ok I suppose I can be patient 3 more weeks.<P>NOV. 23rd?? Guess what folks yall gotta wait 7 more weeks. EFF VIRGIN/CHEEBA or whoevers behind this. You could tell the black music loving community that the album was dropping 6 days from now at exactly 3:37 am and it would go triple platinum at least just because thats what the people want to hear. Im officially swearing off on any bullshit r n b music, and just buying oldies until this genre is fixed for good. Im through venting for now. Congratulations to anyone whos heard it, Im gonna stop even thinking about a damn release date, whatever decade it shows up I'll be happy to cop it.<P>"Do ya really wanna be in the business<BR>and ya think you got what it takes?<BR>prepare yourself for the breaks" - ATCQ
28426, worth the wait
Posted by slimpockets, Sat Oct-16-99 06:03 AM
I can't front like I'm not pissed off at the delay, but I have to wonder if we are waiting for a reason. Like the old cliche "all good things come to those that wait", I have to believe that this delay is gonna make us enjoy and appreicate voodoo even more for whats it's worth. Classic material from a artist thats just getting started. Jan. 11 or whenever I'll still be in line.<P>Peace,<BR>Slim