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Topic subjectdangelo in London
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28411, dangelo in London
Posted by guest, Sun Oct-10-99 09:21 AM
I dont know if this has been cleared up yet but I know a few people who were at the club when Dangelo was attacked and they said that the thugs tried to take his gold chain and fights ensued. Im not to sure about a bottling though. I was at this club the night before the mobo awards and all I can say is that im not suprised something like this has happened, 1)the club is disorganised<BR>2) the bouncers are nervous and when I went there I was involved in a fight (i dont usually get involved in things like this). I saw the pictures of the club on tv, and the night dangelo was there half the club were gatecrashers. Also that night Mark (one hit wonder"return of the mack") morrison got a severe beating off Another Level(run of the mill british R b group) can someone tell me what the world is coming to, I for one am deeply ashamed about this incident, this reflects badly on England as a whole.