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Topic subjectcube DID come back...sort of....
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28106, cube DID come back...sort of....
Posted by guest, Fri Nov-26-99 02:21 PM
after "westside slaughterhouse" on mack 10's first album, in which ice cube says something like "trick ass beeyitch, with no common sense, fool, hip hop started in the west, mack 10 bailin through the east without a vest" common retaliates with bitch in yoo. then later on the westside connection album, cube says on the track "hoo bangin' (WSCG remix)" (sorry my brother used to like this shit) "i'm bombin/on common/sense!/chicago's mine, nigga hit the fence!" lame comeback especially after bitch in yoo, but...it's cube "he ain't made shit dope since america's most"...peace