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Topic subjectwhy did COMMON and Cube have beef
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28096, why did COMMON and Cube have beef
Posted by Motion, Fri Nov-26-99 11:22 AM
What exactly sparked that beef?<P>And how come I never heard an ice cube retaliation track?
28097, common and cube beef
Posted by blakgirl, Fri Nov-26-99 11:29 AM
common made the song, "i usedta love her," where the "her" was a personification of rap/hip-hop. he says sumthin' bout her goin' out west and being a whore or sumthin' like that. basically, he was sayin' that the west coast effed up rap/hip-hop or sumthin' like that. cube, the intellect that he is (ahem!), deciphered the metaphor and got his draws all in a bunch. i think cube did say sumthin', but anyhoo, they squashed the beef.<P>blak.<P>to new to be right.
28098, OH OH...
Posted by guest, Fri Nov-26-99 11:32 AM
I know this, I asked this about 2 months ago...What started was in I use to love H.E.R. Common said some things about the west...but none of them offensive...except to Cube...So Cube rounds up his posse...Makes a track, damn...I can't remember what it was called...but him Mac 10, WC, & Cube made a dis song towards Com...ahhhh damn...Com came back with Bitch in Yoo...the greatest dis track ever...I have it on mp3 if you haven't heard it...but straight up, Com ripped Cube like 4 new assholes <P>"Webster's don't know jack" me<BR>"CARROTS" me<BR>"The system is screwed" me
28099, by him not saying offensive...
Posted by guest, Fri Nov-26-99 11:34 AM
well...just listen to I Use to Love H.E.R. and you'll get it<P>"Webster's don't know jack" me<BR>"CARROTS" me<BR>"The system is screwed" me
28100, OKay
Posted by DaiLa, Sat Nov-27-99 02:20 PM
He said something of the sort before in "The Roots"<BR>"Love Of My Life".....<P>"aiight whateva I say you know keepin it so so real boo"<P>DaiLa <P>D.C
28101, Let me hear
Posted by Motion, Fri Nov-26-99 11:50 AM
Let me hear that mp3 then.
28102, I'm not sure how i can get it to you
Posted by guest, Fri Nov-26-99 03:00 PM
You have a yahoo address, I don't think i can send it from aol to yahoo, but i'm not sure...if you have AIM i think i can send it<P><BR>"Webster's don't know jack" me<BR>"CARROTS" me<BR>"The system is screwed" me
28103, westside slaughterhouse
Posted by guest, Fri Nov-26-99 02:13 PM
was the name of the song that westide connection made in retaliation to i used to love her.
28104, i don't think so
Posted by LoopFactor, Fri Nov-26-99 02:17 PM
>but him Mac 10, WC, <BR>>& Cube made a dis song <BR>>towards Com...<P>actually....to my knowledge they didn't dedicate an entire song towards dissing Com. Cube said a few lines in a couple of songs, but that was about it. anyways, it's past tense now<P><BR>"Do I have to???"<P>FOCUS-<a href="http://www.focushiphop.cjb.net">http://www.focushiphop.cjb.net<;/a>
28105, Com's Greatest Dis
Posted by xangeluvr, Sun Nov-28-99 07:56 PM
I too would like to hear this MP3. Email me at sleepykid@hotmail.com. Peace and Thanks!!!
28106, cube DID come back...sort of....
Posted by guest, Fri Nov-26-99 02:21 PM
after "westside slaughterhouse" on mack 10's first album, in which ice cube says something like "trick ass beeyitch, with no common sense, fool, hip hop started in the west, mack 10 bailin through the east without a vest" common retaliates with bitch in yoo. then later on the westside connection album, cube says on the track "hoo bangin' (WSCG remix)" (sorry my brother used to like this shit) "i'm bombin/on common/sense!/chicago's mine, nigga hit the fence!" lame comeback especially after bitch in yoo, but...it's cube "he ain't made shit dope since america's most"...peace
28107, Com/Cube beef...
Posted by ILLWILL, Fri Nov-26-99 10:46 PM
Aiight, it all started with the Common classic, "I Used To Love H.E.R." where Com says <P>"But then she broke to the West coast, and that was cool/Cause around the same time, I went away to school/And I'm a man of expandin, so why should I stand in her way/She probably get her money in L.A./And she did stud, she got big pub but what was foul/She said that the pro-black, was goin out of style/She said, afrocentricity, was of the past/So she got into R&B hip-house bass and jazz/Now black music is black music and it's all good/I wasn't salty, she was with the boys in the hood"<P>Ice Cube hears the "she was with the boys in the hood" line and takes offense. On Mack 10's first album, on a song called "Westside Slaughterhouse", Cube comes with this dis towards Com<P>"All you suckas want to dis the pacific/But you buster niggas never get specific/Used to love her mad cause we fucked Her/pussy whipped bitch with no common sense/Hip Hop started in the west/Ice Cube bailin' through the east without a vest"<P>So, a local Chicago college radio host Kevin "AMC" Beecham of Northwestern's radio station (WNUR) recieves a free copy of Mack 10's album. He isn't overly enthused about it, but plays it anyway. He hears the dis towards Com and later sees Com at a party and tells him about the dis. They go to Kevin's car and he plays the song for Com to hear. Com apparantly doesn't feel like being a bitch and comes with the illest dis song of all time in "The Bitch in Yoo" and verbally murders Ice Cube.<P>Ice Cube hears the song and comes back on the Westside Connection album on the song "Hoo Bangin" and says <P>"I'm bombin' on Common Sense/Chicago is mine nigga hit the fence" <P>Apparantly Common didn't think that this song was worth retaliating to because the diss was weak as fuck.<P>Then, after the death of the Notorious B.I.G., Nation Of Islam leader Min. Louis Farrakhan holds a peace summit type of deal in Chicago. All the rappers with beef are invited. Common and Cube both attended and once they saw each other, they both went to the front of the summit and embraced in a show of peace. All in all, a good, peaceful, fitting end to a interesting beef.<P>"ILLWILSON got me into that Roots show thingy, and tells me about his sexcapades on the IM chat. Yaaaaay Will."- Dr Squeegie (XM)<P>"never disrespect women cause I love my momma" Talib Kweli<P>DO YASELF A DAMN FAVOR AND BUY THE JAZZYFATNASTEES ALBUM 'THE ONCE AND FUTURE' IN STORES NOW!!!!!!
28108, nuff respect for the teching illwill. thanx......n/m
Posted by guest, Sat Nov-27-99 11:19 AM
*One Love*<P>"It's nice to be important, but more important to be nice"
28109, impressive
Posted by guest, Sun Nov-28-99 04:23 PM
now THERE'S a man who knows his hip-hop history.
28110, uhmmmm????
Posted by YaYa, Mon Nov-29-99 05:50 AM
I heard that Common was crying at the peace summit, truth or fiction?<P>Ya-Ya's Feed Your Mind Chronicles<BR><a href="http://www.geocities.com/colosseum/stands/7507/mindfeed.html">http://www.geocities.com/colosseum/stands/7507/mindfeed.html<;/a><P>ATTENTION!!!! You can now purchase the AutNoyz CD at mp3.com featuring the top ten hits "Aint No Tellin'", "360 Degrees", "Perfect Murder", and much more. Hey, I'm on 4 tracks ok, go buy it kids!!!!<BR><a href="Http://www.mp3.com/artists/60/autnoyz.html">Http://www.mp3.com/artists/60/autnoyz.html<;/a><BR>
28111, Gobble Gobble
Posted by guest, Mon Nov-29-99 08:43 AM
I know that this beef is a dead issue, and it should rest in peace, but I have a question that is derived from this beef...After the summit, and the beef was "squashed", I heard Common had a show, started with the first line "A bitch n#### with an attitude.." and then he stopped the song and said it was deaded..Then two years ago at Manhattan Center for the Rock Steady Ann. he kicked the whole song..anyone know what was up with that? lj..out..out..out
28112, Where Could I Find The Common Dis Track....
Posted by NeonAfroMonkFromBrooklyn, Tue Nov-30-99 05:51 AM
Hey, where could i buy the Common dis track? Did he ever put it on an album or single? I would love to hear it...<P> Peace-Max<P>"Not strong/Only aggressive/Not free<BR>We only licensed/ Not compassioniate, only polite/ Now who the nicest?<BR>Not good but well behaved/Chasin after death so we can call ourselves brave?<BR>Still livin like mental slaves/ Hidin like thieves in the night from life<BR>Illusions of oasis makin you look twice<BR>/Hidin like thieves in the night from life/ Illusions of oasis makin you look twice<P> -Mos Def and Talib Kweli "Theives in the Night"<P>
28113, well...
Posted by JohnBrown, Tue Nov-30-99 10:09 AM
It was released on an epic street tape I heard, and the only other place I've heard it was on mix tapes. This famous feud also led to lines from the next big hip-hop grudge match between canibus/ll. The peace summit with cube and com is what canibus was talking about when he said, make ya wife get on the horn, call minister farrakhan, so he persuade me to squash it. and "like common and cube, i see the bitch in you.<P>"The true wealth of a nation lies not in it's gold or silver but in it's learning, wisdom, and in the uprightness of its sons." Kahlil Gibran
28114, I think that...
Posted by guest, Tue Nov-30-99 10:19 AM
Bitch In Yoo can be found on this Relativity sampler album that came out a few years ago. It was released commercially so you can probably find it in most record stores. I think that "Find That Shit" by The Beatnuts is on there and some other stuff, and "Bitch In Yoo" is like the last track on the album.
28115, Relativity Urban Assualt
Posted by guest, Tue Nov-30-99 11:30 AM
"The Bitch in Yoo" was indeed included on the 1996 Relativity Records sampler, along with Fat Joe's "Envy" b-side, "Firewater", which featured Raekwon and the first appearance of Big Pun. This sampler was commercially released, but will probably be hard to find without a good search. It was released in smaller quantities than most commercial LP's, and I imagine is permanently out of print. Search every retail outlet in your area, and every used CD spot as well.<P>"Bitch in Yoo" isn't the last track on the CD, and it's listed. I think it's like the 4th or 5th joint on there, but I don't have the CD in front of me right now, so I can't say for sure.<P>________________________________________<BR>Dr. Squeegee Taking smartassedness into the 21st Century.