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Topic subjectKeep doin what cha doin!!!
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27742, Keep doin what cha doin!!!
Posted by guest, Mon Jan-24-00 03:45 AM
I keep a journal and have been doing so for years. And if mine journal was posted for everyone and their mother to read, I'm sure they would think that I'm judgemental, arrogant, catty, envious, insecure, suffering from dementia, and at times in need of a bottle of ritalin. But the thing about journals is that you are not writing them to make others feel good. So if someone feels that you all are being judgemental or too harsh or petty or whatever...so what! That is how Mercedes and Tracey were feeling and I personally find their honesty refreshing. <P>So please Mercedes, don't think twice about what you write. Please, just keep doin what cha doin--musically and journally (yeah, I know that ain't a word:)<P>isha