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Topic subjectUniversal law?
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27739, Universal law?
Posted by spirit, Mon Jan-24-00 01:04 PM
I think the only thing that will come back to you under karmic law from criticizing someone is you will be criticized yourself.<P>I'll forever stand by the idea that critical discourse about is a GOOD thing.<P>PS: If karma controlled album sales, a lot of mean people who sell lots of records never would have gotten signed in the first place...<P>Peace,<P>Spirit<BR><a href="http://amphibians.iuma.com" target="_blank">http://amphibians.iuma.com<;/a><BR><a href="http://infiniteloop.iuma.com" target="_blank">http://infiniteloop.iuma.com<;/a><BR>DC hip-hop is on the rise...<P>"High grade when I create beats/if I don't get signed/I'ma be the most dope bum that ever walked the streets" - <BR>Aychell (HL, of Khemystery)<P>"If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck, it's probably a tool of the conspiracy" - unknown