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Topic subjectThank You, Mercedes
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27738, Thank You, Mercedes
Posted by guest, Fri Jan-21-00 01:02 PM
That previous message was not meant to tick anybody off. I believe that we could talk forever about the state of our music. However, this ain't just about music. This is about the many facets of life as well. I took the initiative upon myself to make some people aware of something affecting them, whether they realize it or not. If you all disagree with me, that's cool, because I don't make these universal laws, I just strive to adhere to them. Remember:(1)What we do and say definitely comes back to us-That's immutable. (2)It's okay to be a work in progress. Lastly, thank you, Mercedes for your most recent journal entry. The exchanging of opinions and ideas should be for examining issues in different dimensions. In seeking wisdom, we should learn how to receive from ALL things what is beneficial to our learning process. Through finding the lessons, we eliminate negative effects and feelings. I hope that THIS message doesn't leave anyone angry-just aware. --Peace