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27736, Re: Jazzyfatnastees' Journals
Posted by SankofaII, Mon Jan-24-00 05:19 AM
Future Filmmaker Over Here<P>hey tracey! <BR> Ryan here...I don't have MUCH to say. But, i'll say this: I read your journals the other day, and I don't see anything wrong with them. Base point: These are your thoughts and viewpoints and NONE OF US have any right to challenge or interrogate them. You were just expressing your thoughts on music today. :) (I COULD be evil and name artists that easily pop up in my mind when reading your journal..But, i won't go there. :)) If anything, they gave me a little insight into who you and Mercedes are and where you are coming from. Personally, I love your album (I finally BOUGHT it after holding it hostage for a month from a college friend of mine. :)) Musically and Lyrically: It's one of the BEST albums i've heard in a LONG ASS TIME. <P>Sales and Radio Airplay: WHO GIVES A F$CK? I mean really, we ALL know that groups/artists who go platinum (Britney/Backstreet/Ginuwine/Tyrese/N'sync, etc.) in all reality only sell records b/c of their image/etc. NOT their vocal capabilities (and the ones i named CAN'T SING!). It doesn't matter if you guys sell 20million or TWENTY albums. WHat i'm hearing is AMAZING music done by two AMAZING black artists. Personally, i only buy work from folks whose work stands the test of time, i.e. artists who may not sell OUT THE BOX, but always come with it in terms of lyrics/music/etc. IMHO, the jazzyfatnastees are what most groups SHOULD BE ASPIRING TO BE but aren't nowadays. :) <P>But, i've been rambling. :) I wish you two the best of luck. You'll always have a fan in me. :)<P>Ryan Canty aka SankofaII<P>P.S. what was it like working with Me'Shell Ndegeocello?? (have you ever thought of working with her on future albums??) Any advice for folk who are aspiring singer-songwriters? (i'm one). :)