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27734, YO!
Posted by Mpozi, Thu Jan-20-00 07:55 PM
Trac-E!<P>wanted to take this opportunity to give you and your patnah' big fat shout out! Seen ya'll go from Ahmir's living room to Time effin' magazine! Not bad yo, not bad at all... Tell Fatin i said yo please, i mjust missed him in the chat...<P>no matter how many funny looks you done givin me for some of my stranger comments (opinions, ideas, actions, etc) i still give ya'll props for stickin it out...<P>PoZi (;=<P>the picture takin, mountain bikin', looped thinkin' philly phanatic; Esquire.<P>ya'll gotta do a Lilly in Chicago so i can finally get to one btw!