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27733, it's cool but...
Posted by Tracey, Thu Jan-20-00 06:22 PM
First of all, Iím not writing this in hopes of clearing my name. I donít feel there is anything for me to apologize for. I stand behind everything that Iíve said. No, Iím not perfect. And I am prone to say how I really feel, if given the chance. I donít like everything I see and hear. I am opinionated. I do try really hard not to judge, but itís hard when I constantly see women being treated like cattle and demeaned on video. Yes, yes I know that no one put a gun to their heads and told them to take off their clothes but how many times do you have to hear that thatís all your worth before you believe it? Not everyone is blessed enough to have that support which encourages self worth.<P>A couple of years back, our local black radio station went on air and stated that they declined the resonsiblity of being role models for our youth. After a couple of rap artists( who I wonít name, and notice I said rap not hip-hopÖ there is a BIG difference!) stated the same, this after someone from the NAACP criticized their lyrics and images. Imagine that. Why do you think that is? I donít know how much I would agree with them, but I do agree that whether we like it or not as performers we are the chosen desciples. It is up to us to educate those that come after us. PERIODÖÖÖÖ.<P>As for selling albumsÖÖ well, I hope that we will because I think that we have something positive to contribute to this confussed world. But if not another album is bought I will always know in my heart that what we created I would want to share with my children and my childrens children. This is not about this moment this is about tomorrow. I care. I will spend the rest of my career trying to improve what the consumer is feed.<P>Besides, the journals are meant to be a way for you to take a peek into our minds... if we start sensoring what's the point?<P>Tracey (from the Jazzees)<P>Belief initiates and guides action<BR>Or it does nothing....<P>Embrace diversity.<BR>Unite<BR>Or be divided,<BR> robbed,<BR> ruled,<BR> killed<BR>By those who see you as prey.<BR>Embrace diversity<BR>Or be destroyed.<BR> Earthseed: The Books of the Living<P>