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Topic subjectnot that they need okayplayers to jump to defend...
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27729, not that they need okayplayers to jump to defend...
Posted by MicheleQJ, Thu Jan-20-00 01:21 PM
not that the Jazzies need us okayplayers to defend them but anyway---<P>without going into a long post about the current state of music, radio, tv, etc...<P>keep in mind:<P>that you haven't seen the Jazzies criticizing anyone's talent<P>that there is a difference between an artist and a mere entertainer<P>yes, growing into the use and full breadth of your talents is for most of us a gradual process<P>growing into oneself as an artist involves a process as well<P>the two growth processes are interwoven but can exist separately (i could have the best voice in the world and continue to sing meaningless $-making songs for a whole career) (i could barely have a voice but make up for it in other ways by being creative and sincere)<P>naturally, if you are struggling to create as an artist --- in an environment where it seems that you could cast off what you stand for and believe in and quickly succeed --- you will experience frustration --- and probably, try as you might to fight it, you're going to find yourself with a bit of disdain for some of the people reaping the rewards of the industry<P>just my opinion.<P>Peace, Love, and Blessings<P>"Well, I like to eat, sleep, drink, and be in love.<BR>I like to work, read, learn, and understand life." - Langston Hughes "Theme for English B"