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Topic subjectWho/What is "madam zenobia"?
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27037, Who/What is "madam zenobia"?
Posted by Numba_33, Tue Feb-22-00 02:12 AM
Am I the only one that is clueless? I want to know what the significance of this name is.<P>~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_<BR>April 11th -- Both Sides of the Brain by Del the Funky Homosapien<BR>Yes okayplayers... it got pushed back again!<BR>~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_<BR>Conversation with a friend/ex-okayplayette<BR>Del Jocker33: and how would you be able to validate if I get ass or not <BR> Del Jocker33: I could just lie to you <BR> FuEgoEnCieLo: well...u would have to show me the used condom...lol