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Topic subjectTrully Impressed!!
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26920, Trully Impressed!!
Posted by guest, Wed Feb-23-00 08:27 AM
I would consider myself an infant in the world of Common, and Common Affecionados; However, I have heard one of his flows in a video he did with Talib Kwelli (Something about the city breathing... they feeling it... something like that ). Anyway the point is I was trully inspired by the video, the word play, the message, everything.<P>I had the pleasure of going to Manhattan to a Poetry Cafe', and trully experience -Spoken word poetry-, -Jazz-, -Underground Rap-, etc. Just the real roots of hip hop, and I can tell you that as a black man, our cultural history, and background, has trully blessed us with a gift that should not be hidden, yet should not be depreciated by being flaunted for individual gain and prosperity.<P>I am not a "fan" of rap, I would rather chill to some R&B, and Gospel, but one of my favorite artists "Maxwell" is a true poet of R&B, and it is obvious to me that "Common" is a true poet of Hip Hop.<P>As far as I am concerned, Adulterators of H.E.R. like Puff Daddy, the Hot Boys, and the like, can't really be stopped, cause they are all for self. We need to focus on keeping H.E.R. pure (Cause she won't die) by cleaning H.E.R. from the inside out. If we start from the outside all we will accomplish is the furtherance of the damage started by those adulterators who's only motive is the money they can get by prostituting H.E.R. to the White World.<P>Hip Hop is a reflection of the lives of it's people. The White Man on Wall Street doesn't live in the world of Hip Hop; Therefore he has no facets with witch to understand Hip Hop. Hip Hop must be watered down, made up, and manufactured into, a faux white ideal in order for it to be accepted by the white world. That is how we end up adulterating H.E.R. That is what all them backstabbers are doing thats pimping H.E.R. for money. We should be shocking the White World, Uplifting the Black World, and Purifying the Hip Hop World.<P>Let's keep it real, pure, and concious.<BR>GOD BLESS.<P>Enigma_JA ---> The puzzling Jamaican.<P>Let mind be free, where er you be,<BR>Cause a restricted mind, is what will kill thee!<P>Love, Peace, and One Wholistic God Fearing Mind!!