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Topic subjectYou Wanna See Common Go Multi-platinum Plus
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26918, You Wanna See Common Go Multi-platinum Plus
Posted by cpoindex, Mon Feb-14-00 02:07 PM
Common Sense is the shit and I've known it since I heard "I use to Love H.E.R." on a mix tape and was blown. The problem is how come his record sells do not reflect his talent?<P> Well I have a theories. It's has something to do with Common's marketability. He does not fall into Pimp/Gangsta/Thug/Playa categories that almost all multiplatinum artist seem to fall into. The category he comes closes to belonging to is Black Consciousness. A hard to sell category. Public Enemy was able to sell Millions of records under that Banner but then times were different.Those were the days of African Medallions, Malcolm X posters and "Fight the Power" talk. Black Consciousness does not really have a place in these Prosperous times when everyone is out to "Get Money". Sure consciousness still exists in rap, but it has to be camoflouged for the rap masses to ingest it. i.e. the Southernplayalistic pimped-out poets of OutKasts and the return of the B-Boy Brooklyn Born sounds of Mos Def. <BR> You know what, I digress. The point of this post was to begin a dialouge on how to see Common go Platinum? Here's my thought. I have worked political campaigns and I know that Nationwide movements begin with a hard core audience spread through out the country. This die hard core does so much work that it seems like a nation of millions is behind them. For Instance, a hundred Common fans in New York bombard Hot 97 with request for the latest common single, (at the moment that will be "sixth sense". If the song is on the countdown make call and send faxes to make sure it stays on the countdown. if its on the battle of the beats, make sure it wins. as the single builds momentum, common would start to draw more interest from "casual fans" (fans that like the artist, but would not go buy the album). Then by the time Common does his tour stops at radio stations and clubs, the second single comes through and that casual fan is at Tower record on March 26 buying the album. If this done in key cities, the album will definitely blow up. Also a e-release would garner attention. Releasing a song on the internet as a mp3 might not earn money, but it would definitely put his name out there. Why you think Q-tip's "vivirant thang" was a smash. Any way that just an idea. mobilize the core audience. If the Aritst, Label and Fans put in the right mixture of work, going Platinum would be a breeze. <BR> By the way, I met Common at a Hip-Hop Conference at Princeton University last year. He was a very humble and likable brother. If any brother deserves the success he does. And plus that NIGGA CAN FLOW. <P><BR> Cpoindex,<P><BR>