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Topic subjectEFF YOU!!!
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26916, EFF YOU!!!
Posted by guest, Sat Feb-12-00 01:34 PM
Shut the eff up, you Tupac post-mortem nut guzzler!!! DIE SLOW!!! <P>Oh wait, this isn't Davey D's. <P>Ummm... in that case, lemme say this. Stop hating on Com cause he doesn't have an overpowering voice. I see him as much a spoken-word poet as an emcee, and his voice and flow fit tracks perfectly to me. Even if his words don't always fall on the downbeat, they always have a pattern. Plus, he's deep. Maybe you weren't impressed by that kid's breakdown of the "Love of My Life" verse, but I was. I caught most of that stuff myself, but just to see it broken down like that. You see that Com simply does not waste words. Every word, every phrase, has a meaning of its own. <P>It's like this. For most albums you listen to, the emcee says something deep, has four or so bars of filler lines, then says something deep again, and so on. So our listening span is like this. We hear a dope line from an average emcee, and we think in our heads, "Yo, that was tight..." And while we're thinking about how tight the line was, the emcee is spitting filler. So we're not missing anything. But with Com, it's like, he says something tight, you think, "Yo, that was tight..." But while you're thinking, he says something even nicer than the first line. That's how so much of the wordplay Com spits gets missed or overlooked. Cause our attention spans aren't programmed to listen to an emcee putting meaning into every last line. Does this ish make sense? If not, then ask quest. He gets paid to defend "Voodoo" and promote "Like Water for Chocolate" eight hours a day on okayplayer.com, so he'd probably have a better answer to your question.<P>---------------------------<BR>"kameleons play the wrong side of the fence, switchin like clark kent when the drama commence..."<BR>- inspectah deck<P>"words - so innocent and powerless as they are, as standing in a dictionary, how potent for good and evil they become in the hands of one who knows how to combine them."<BR>- nathaniel hawthorne<P>"whatever happens it was written, meaning God meant it..." <BR>- nasir jones