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Topic subjecti am not sure what you are replying to.
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26914, i am not sure what you are replying to.
Posted by guest, Sat Feb-12-00 07:35 AM
but i have to disagree. i have some ideas to spill so i may not really be replying to anything myself. <P>I think that you can clearly say, what is good and what is bad rap. about rap dying? i dont think it is dying, but i do think that everything common said about h.e.r. is true. There are too many cats out there with true love of the game, like common and many others to keep it alive. <P>anyway blah blah blah rap changes with society. so now we have this society in control of the state of hip hop and what i am saying and that too many cats without skill, are getting put on. why? cuz master p and his hootie hoo stolen style, effing 666 mafia, and (i gotta take it to NY) puffy, and DMX gets white folks to buy the records. cats in the industry know that if rappers with a little something to say on anylevel (be it creative lyrics or an inspirational message) that cant be felt or appreciated by whites. when was the last time that anyone with skill got put on? prolly in 95 with shawn carter. now it is cats like him and beenie mac and nas (and you have to know that he still has skills because of I am, project windows, and other singles) that have skills but dont do anything with them half the time.<P>Rakim can make a party song and still have ill lyrics. is there anything wrong with that? why must the more fun to listen to beats get watered down by crappy lyrics? honestly i really cant appreciate dmx (even if was on some neo-tupac ish) or the hotboys or no limit. and i dont see how they are doing anything for hip hop. <P>