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Topic subjectThis Her thing with common ....
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26913, This Her thing with common ....
Posted by jefleejohnson, Sat Feb-12-00 01:07 AM
Do I think any single source is killing hip hop? No I dont in fact I think all the negative influences its helping it. A wise man once said respect your enemies-patience is a virtue. I dont see that in many emcees today. They are always lashing out at"wack emcees" or whatever. I see somebody so quick to ridicule somebody because they werent cultured on reading rainbow,roots and Hip hop 101. Its this kind of elitism that is funny to me. Save hip hop ...Say what?? Regardless people are gonna buy common for his lyricism and metaphors and nice production. But some people dont have it like common and grew up a different way I cant knock that. I know that now moreso. I was the first one to say "that shit is wack and theres no point for this. But yes Kids even generic stuff has a place in the music world. Because if you had all innovative hip hop it wouldnt be so innovative and everybody would say "damn theres too much good shit" In short you cant please the buying masses of audiophiles. When I listened to I used to love her I still think to this day Hip hop was never dying its this big disillusionment that makes people think this. It comes down to preference and im sorry to say but maybe happy go lucky charlie down the block just wants something that sounds good to his ears. Whats wrong with that? Sorry Mc Krusty underground granola bar doesnt interest him but thats the way things go. But to diss a artist because you think their product is weak on record what kind of man does that show you are? A bitter one thats for sure...somebody who cant see some people treat this as a business. And Oh yea if it wasnt for any of this wack stuff (to me anyways) I wouldnt have much of anything to laugh at. Sometimes I wonder...why I took so offense to something now I just laugh if I dont like it. And the weird thing is I get a better feeling realizing that its all preference and so what if it doesnt sound good to me. There is no HER(hip hop) being raped. This culture is so protective. If it were to some elitists in this game they would take the artform back down thru a manhole and keep it all to the "original hip hop" crowd. I think these negative influences help hip hop to a degree it makes your INNOVATIVE creative shit stand out even more so and in some cases it makes you stronger because you get a emotion you want to do it 10 times as much as the last time you flipped in on your album. But does anybody ever credit the generic stuff with that sort of reaction? No...Because if everybody was creative then we wouldnt have no balance. Its a great little manifesto but cmon ...you gotta have dilluted shit to get stronger. The balance of music as I call it. Like i was watching that Blaque video today and I was enjoying that video because it was something I didnt like. I have a new appreciation for things I dont like now btw. So anyways these girls were singing and I was like what does that vocal hook remind me of "Oh baby bring your love to me" Then I thought for a second what the hell does that sound like. Then it came to me... that reminded me soo much that part of "Gigolos get lonely" by the time. Ha ha See im not gonna buy it but im gonna realize these girls Blaque just entertained me for 4 minutes of my life. And thats something right there. Actually the more I think about it all the wack shit (well wack for me as in its all preference) Im as entertained by that as much as the stuff I like. Which I started thinking everything really does have a purpose. Thus lies the contradiction The "wack" inspires as much as the dope stuff. So in closing I say give it up to generic music these people take their time to make wack music for you. And if you laugh at something thats wack then thats good because ...laughing creates agents that help prevent cancer!! So you see my brothers and sisters wackness is saving you maybe from a life of cancer!! <P><BR>