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Topic subjectillmatic was good but...
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26908, illmatic was good but...
Posted by guest, Fri Feb-11-00 09:21 AM
It should not surprise you youngblood that Common's next album will be doper than illmatic. Because Common is a doper MC than Nas. <BR>Here's the deal:<BR>Illmatic was a classic not just because of Nas's ill lyrics which were as dope as it could get in 1994, but also because never before in the history of hip hop had a new artist assembled the best producers in the game for their debut album. As we can see, that was a once in a lifetime event, never to be repeated.<BR>Instead of further honing his craft after Illmatic, Nas took the road most traveled and decided that it was time to line his pockets with cash. Which is fine, I don't mind. I don't buy his shit anymore, but I'm not mad at him. What he has gained in money he has lost in originality and innovation. <BR>Now to Common: Common dropped an album "Can I borrow a dollar?" in 1992, which was only half a step away from illmatic in terms of dopeness. I judge how dope an album is by how long I listen to it, and I listened to the album everyday for almost six months. Straight dopeness. He was the most original rapper, with the most innovative beats that year. At that time he may not have had the awe inspiring lyrical prowess that Nas had on his debut. But this was a guy that you knew was gonna come with some straight dope shit.<BR>Unlike Nas, Common has continuously evolved and innovated his technique, and the production on his albums to the point where now, it is very easy for me to believe that Like Water for chocolate can be doper than Illmatic. Common is at a point in his career now where his rhyming skills have surpassed those of Nas back in 1993. His production team now can easily outdo the production on Illmatic, and therefore I feel that it is safe to assume that LWFC can be the next level dope shit that Illmatic was in 1994, and may be doper.<BR>pease,<BR>banana <P><BR>March 2000- Banana and The King <BR>coming to a tape deck near you <P>"You’re a genius with a capital P/ <BR>another Booby Trap casualty/"- Booby trap the sniper.<BR>