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Topic subjectI'm as worthy as James, not that good with names
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26907, I'm as worthy as James, not that good with names
Posted by ohioplayer, Tue Feb-15-00 10:13 AM
Don't get me started. Dude was like....<P>"Rhymes I wrecks effects the ruffnecks down to the preps to the polos, studs with fros, hoes with weaves, the ballheaded to the dreaded, folks with buttas, high rollers in rollers, players with plats, studs with stocking caps, I be rockin' raps 'till I collapse, niggas play my tapes 'bout as much as they do craps."<P>on "this is me" on the resurrection joint, then he was like....<P>"the facts of life I ain't learn from watchin' Tootie, but from growin' up in the big city, but I still like Tootie, 'cause she got big titties"<P>not to mention....<P>"I prefer compliments, so I complement at an angle of 90 degrees.... Com passed MCs with no compassion, 'till I heard the screams from 'em, but I ain't Shai, so why should I comfort 'em" <P>on "communism" and he killed me with....<P>"A portrait of the artist, formerly known as sense, the brainwash, with my vocal tones I rinse, as opportunity and the beat knocks, women give me rhythm like beat box.... but I got sight like a construction worker when it's time to build, get off like Sam Jack in A Time to Kill"<P>on my favorite song on One Day "All Night Long." Com's the illest and I can't wait for his album to come out. I know it's gonna be a classic.<P>"Feels so good inside myself/Don't wanna move/Feels so good inside myself/Don't need to move/Soon as I go up/I'm comin' down/And when I'm lost/I know I can't be found." -- Sly Stone, 1971