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Topic subjectyall remeber when he said
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26905, yall remeber when he said
Posted by marie_laveau, Fri Feb-11-00 08:51 AM
something like "i house more hoes than Spelman" that was soooo clever<P>(morehouse is a mens college and right across the way is spelman, a womens college. for those not familiar w/ historically black colleges)<P>house more----(MOREHOUSE) hoes than Spelman (COLLEGE FULL O` WOMEN)<BR>im lovin it!!!<P>i wonder how long it actually takes for him to write a song.<P>you ever notice how he puts the predicate first.<BR>"srtuggle, i hadnt mastered"<BR>"from the crib, i spend months gone"<P>plus it seems he's never on beat but some kinda of way his lyrics weave thru the music and it sounds perfect. like jazz. okay im getting emitional, but does anybody else feel me on this point cuz "my words cant convey just what im feelin" <BR> <BR>marie_laveau