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Topic subjecta look a Common
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26901, a look a Common
Posted by Quez, Thu Feb-10-00 09:49 PM
Common always had a very "abstract" and unique off-beat delivery which took me a couple listens to get used to on both of his last albums. I wasnt feelin Com's delivery on "One day..." until the track entitled "Hungry" on the first listen. Then by the 5th or 6th listen thru the album you get into the lyrics and realise what he's doing with his delivery. The pauses, the hi-voice, the low-voice, the skat, the harmonising.... it all brings emphasis to his lyrics and makes you pay attention to his words, and hopefully take in the point he's tryin to make at that momment. You can listen to 6 or 7 DMX songs and realise he aint said shiat after all the hollerin. That wont happen with any 7 Common songs. Just listen...<P>And as far as "Like Water For Chocolate"... i've heard it, and Com has definately streamlined his delivery, while taking all those elements of wordplay to new levels.... you will here it.<P>if you dont know what i'm talking about when i say, "streamlined his delivery" take a look at other artists like Ghostface, Rass Kass, ChinoXL, Kweli, Busta Rhymes, and even the great KRS-One. They have all greatly improved thier delivery in the past 3 or 4 years. You will just have to "listen" to Com. We cant make you feel it, its in you somewhere.<P><BR>Sheldon Mar"Quez" Rankin<BR><a href="http://www.sheldon.bored.org" target="_blank">http://www.sheldon.bored.org<;/a><P>"oh lawd Quez is here, okayplayer will never be the same" ---- some wise man<P>"The truth is, my crew is, the smoothest spitters of saliva juices like The Roots is, More Organic than acoustics" ---- Talib Kweli<P>"No need to mic test, you can feel it in ya chest... yo BEYAAAAATCH, feel it in her breasts" - Common