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26899, Alright...
Posted by guest, Thu Feb-10-00 05:45 PM
Since you said you're digging the roots now, I'll use an example of Com from Things Fall Apart...I'm gonna break this down...readY??? <BR>Love of My Life, Com's verse:<P>"Yo, yo I was speakin, to my guy 'Riq and<BR>How she was desperately seekin to Organize in a Konfusion"<P>Alright..."she" refers to hip-hop, as you may have noticed...then there's the discrete reference to Organized Konfusion, one of the illest hip-hop groups ever...you know Pharohe Monch? Yep, that's where he started<P><BR>"Usin, no protection, told H.E.R. on _Resurrection_<BR>Caught in the Hype Williams, and lost H.E.R. direction"<P>Ok, again, H.E.R. is referring to hip-hop...On Com's second LP, Resurrection, he did a song called I use to love H.E.R....and he used an amazing personification to describe hip-hop...like a real person, and he talks about She was screwing with the wrong people and how hip-hop needed to go back to it's ROOTS and become pure again...then there's the next line...Com's saying Hip-hop caught into the hype and that's when it became a little less pure and began to suck...then the ill wordplay by saying Hype Williams (a video director that REALLY takes some of the art out of hip-hop)...and he says She lost her direction because of him...get it? get it? goooood<P><BR>"An under the counter love, so _Silent_-ly I _Treat_ H.E.R.<BR>Her Daddy'll beat H.E.R., eyes all Puff-ed"<P>Ok, Roots second LP, they did one of the best love songs in hip-hop, Silent Treatment...Com's saying hip-hop began to ignore the good ish and start to go for the hype he mentioned previously...then he talks about how people like Puff Daddy really began to eff with her and disgrace hip-hop's name (rap)<P>"In the mix on tape, niggaz had her in the buff<BR>When we touch, it was more than just a fuck<BR>The Police, in her I found peace (like who?)<BR>Like Malcolm in the East<BR>Seen H.E.R. on the streets of New York, trickin off<BR>Tried to make a hit with H.E.R. but my dick went soft"<P>Alright, does another ill wordplay (something Com is well known for and one of the reasons why he's one of my/IS my favorite MC's)...mixtapes...just another part of hip-hop that we all heart (or use to)...then he's saying hip-hop is not just for screwing around with and we shouldn't treat it as if it's something we can dispose of in a couple years (it was more than just the fuck)...then he goes on to say more than Fuck the police...another hip-hop classic...he's syaing hip-hop is more than just a political statement...but it IS an artform and should be treated as one...and he concludes by saying hip-hop is getting less attractive as she begins screwing with the ugly side of rap<P><P>As of late I realized, that this is H.E.R. fate<BR>Or destiny that brings the best of me<BR>It's like God is testin me<BR>In _Retrospect_ I see she brought _Life_ and death to me<BR>Peace to us collectively, live and direct when we perform<BR>It's just coffee shop chicks and white dudes<BR>Over H.E.R. I got into it with that nigga Ice Cube<BR>Now the fight moved to in life, makin the right moves<BR>Besides God and family, you my life's jewel<BR>Like that y'all<BR>Hip-Hop-op-op-op-op"<P>This is where Com comes to the realization that Com can only use his skill to change hip-hop and he has to stick to it and not dis H.E.R....here he makes the reference to his song he did with Lauryn Hill..."Retrospect for Life"...a song about abortion, interesting he chooses to put this song in his verse...hmmm?...alright, I tried to condense this as much as posssible, plus i probably made a few mistakes, i did this in about 10 minutes...this is just ONE example of Com's work and I can (and have done it) for every single one of Com's songs, he's a master at words and lyrics...and if you sleep on him...you're the one losing out...peas<P><P><P>"Webster's don't know jack" me<BR>"CARROTS" me<BR>"The system is screwed" me